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Connecting your MobileMonkey Contacts to other systems is super easy.  Simply create a custom MobileMonkey Webhook using the "Connections" tab including the specific data you want to export. 

See what Isaac Rudansky has to say about the connection widget.

Use Cases for Facebook Messenger Automated Connections

Use case#1: Export Emails collected by your Bot to your Email Service Provider (ESP) and begin automatic email campaign.

Use case#2: Send new MobileMonkey Contacts to your CRM (like Salesforce or Hubspot) for follow up by Sales Reps.

Use case#3: Send an SMS message with a phone # to a business owner when a Chat user requests a call back.  This works great for business owners that are working in the field - for example Plumbers, HVAC, Landscapers.

Use case #4: Sign up registrations for a Webinar through a Chat bot and export the data to GotoWebinar and create a registration.

Using the Get Connection

Click here to read about GET connections

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