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See what Isaac Rudansky has to say about the connection widget.

Use Cases for Facebook Messenger Automated Connections

Use case#1: Export Emails collected by your Bot to your Email Service Provider (ESP) and begin automatic email campaign.

Use case#2: Send new MobileMonkey Contacts to your CRM (like Salesforce or Hubspot) for follow up by Sales Reps.

Use case#3:ย Send an SMS message with a phone # to a business owner when a Chat user requests a call back.ย  This works great for business owners that are working in the field - for example Plumbers, HVAC, Landscapers.

Use case #4:ย Sign up registrations for a Webinar through a Chat bot and export the data to GotoWebinar and create a registration.

Using the Get Connection

Click here to read about GET connections

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