Messenger Ads With Manual Sync

Updated 2 weeks ago by Inga Supranovich

Use the manual option if you want to create multiple Messenger Ad setups and apply them within the same campaign.

To create messenger ad with manual sync in MobileMonkey follow steps below:

  1. Go to Advertising section -> Messenger Ads
  2. Name the Messenger Ad
  3. Create opt-in quick question or choose a dialog (follow the guide)
  4. Create Ad Campaign in Facebook Ads Manager (follow the guide until '4. Create the Ad appearance' step 7)
  5. While in Ad Setup in Facebook Messenger Ads find 'URL Parameters (optional) and copy URL Parameter from MobileMonkey and paste it there
  1. In Ads Manager find Messenger Setup and select 'Custom' and click 'Create Message'
  1. Select JSON option
  2. Put cursor inside the JSON box and press Ctrl+A to select all content, then press Delete
  1. Go back to MobileMonkey to copy JSON and paste it to Ads Manager
  1. Hit Finish button after paste JSON
  2. Confirm Ad

Video Overview Part 1

Video Overview Part 2

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