Export data to Google Sheets

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Event agency bot gathering data about event date, number of guests, first name, phone and email. As a business owner I want this data to be exported to my Google Sheets.

Follow steps by numbers

Zapier Setup

MobileMonkey Setup

Webhook + Google Sheets

Create Connection with required attributes

  1. Login to https://zapier.com/ and click 'Make a Zap'
  2. Select 'Webhooks' as Trigger
  3. Select action as 'Catch Hook'
  1. Copy Provided URL
  1. Go to Marketing Automation/ Connections/Create New Connection
  2. Choose Connection Type 'Send contact data whenever a widget is reached'
  3. Paste copied Webhook to URL field
  4. Request type is POST
  5. Select required for export Attributes
  6. Select None in the dropdown
  1. Click 'Ok, I did this' and select a Hook
  2. Make sure the data is the same
  3. Click Continue
  1. Click Test Connection
  2. Enter test data to all fields
  3. Send Test

Create Google sheet with column names that correspond with to attributes in MobileMonkey

  1. Create Google Sheets Action
  2. Select Create Spread Sheet Rows (could be other options depending or the goal)
  1. Connect an account
  2. Select Drive, Spreadsheet and Worksheet
  1. For each fild select corresponding option from the dropdown (e.g. for Name filed of Goggle Sheets select Name from the Hook). This is how mobilemonkey attributes linked to columns of Google Sheets
  1. Click 'Continue' and 'Send Test to Google Sheets'
  2. Click Finish
  3. Name your Zap and Activate Zap
  1. Activate Connections

  1. Go to dialogs and add 'Zap/Connection' widget after the Form where you've gather required data

  1. Test dialog and when widget is reached data will be exported to Google Sheets

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