Sponsored Messages

Updated 1 month ago by Craig Cameron

  • Send direct messages to your subscribers
  • Not restricted by the 24+1 rule
  • Choose any dialogue
  • Choose budget

Important Note:

  • Custom Audience should be at least 20 contacts
  • Bid Cap Strategy should be used
  • Minimum bid varies by country, e.g. for US should be no less than 25$ (not the same as Budget). This is on Ad Set level - Optimisation and delivery
  • Sponsored messages are billed on an impression basis. Your ad account is charged for an impression when someone sees they have a message from your business in their Messenger Inbox. Sponsored messages are on an auction-based bid. Learn more about billing with ad auctions.
  • Budget is around 30$ per 1000 impressions. If audince is larger than 1000 contacts make sure to add more to the budget. If audience is less than 1000 impressions full budget won't be used.
  • Most sponsored messages are delivered within 24 hours of campaign start, but Facebook recommend advertisers run sponsored messages campaigns for at least five days to maximise delivery.

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