Q&A Overview

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Q&A Allows Your Bot to Understand More User Inputs!

NOTE: EMPTY FIELDS IN Q&As WILL INTERFERE WITH YOUR BOT. Please make sure you have no blank Q&A fields. Your bot will not interact normally if you have blank Q&As.

The Q&A  tab is meant for creating keyword and phrase triggers.  Triggers you create within your pages will also show up on the Q&A tab. To create a new trigger within Q&A, click "New Q&A".

The "Q" refers to the user input, and the "A" refers to the response the bot will give! 

Your bot can respond with custom text, or with a bot page you have created.

To add content to your Q&A:

  1. Input a phrase or keywords you think your users might say. NOTE: Leave out noise words like and, the, a, it, I, etc)
  2. Choose your bot response (Text or page). Add as many possible answers as you'd like!

You can keep your Q&A "Active" or Inactive (Archived).

Your Q&A can be set to fixed or "Random"

"Random" essentially means shuffle.  If you have multiple possible answers and turn on "Random" the user will get any one of the set responses at random.

Your Q&A tab also monitors "Unanswered Questions" for you!

Unanswered Questions are past user inputs that the bot was not programmed to understand.  They are ordered by highest frequency! You can create Q&As out of these, so your bot is more equipped to deal with common conversation topics it receives.

Important Note:
Q&A are not programmed to answer to the whole expression match but to words match.


From the expression below, the linked dialog will be triggered for any of the words match.

If user type just 'welcome' -  the linked dialog will be triggered

If user type just 'home' - the linked dialog will be triggered

If user type 'welcome home' - the same linked dialog will be triggered

That is why it recommended to avoid using the same words in different expressions that leads to different dialogs.

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