Creating an RSS Blaster

Updated 6 months ago by Allie Adams

The RSS Blaster is a way to share your RSS feeds with customers who subscribe, through an automated Facebook chat message. 

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a way of proving updates, headlines and more to an audience of customers who have opted in.

The RSS blaster will automatically send feed updates  like Blog Articles for example, to your intended audience, the people who have asked for them!

There are four steps to creating an RSS Blaster.

1) Create your RSS opt-in page.

- Ask a quick question, such as "Would you like to receive site updates?"

- Create an attribute (sorting group) for these answers, such as "{{OPTIN}}"

- Set the multiple choice answers to "Yes" and "No", or any form of those two answers!

2) Create your audience

- Click the Audiences tab in the left sidebar.

-  Create a new audience, and name it something like "Update opted-in".

- Create a filter on the audience.

- Set the attribute to the attribute you created in your first page ({{OPTIN}}).

- Set the Value as equal to "Yes" or your moderation of yes.  (This ensures your RSS Blast only goes to people who have opted-in).

3) Create your RSS Blaster

- Click the RSS Blaster tab in the left sidebar

- Click "New RSS Blaster", and name the RSS Blaster

- Paste your feed URL into  the RSS Feed section

- Set your audience to the audience you have just created (Update opted-in)

4) Create your Lead Magnet to get Signups!

- In the HTML Link tab in the left sidebar, create a new link.

- Connect this link to the RSS page you have just created.

Now your contacts will be up to date on the latest news from your feed!
Watch this video to learn how to create an RSS Blaster:

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