MobileMonkey Messenger Ads

Updated 1 month ago by Van Le

A Click-to-Messenger ad is a Facebook ad type that allows users to interact with your Facebook page after the click the call-to-action button. Instead of sending users to your website, you can send them to Messenger, where they can start chatting with your page. In your MobileMonkey account you have 3 options for creating Click-to-Messenger ads:

  1. Review & activate a pre-created ad template. These are created for you ONLY if you already have ads running in Ads Manager
  2. Create a new ad in MobileMonkey
  3. Connect existing ads to a MobileMonkey dialogue

If you have created some new and some connected Messenger Ads in your account, you will see them show up on different tabs in the Messenger Ads table. Click here for a breakdown of what each tab means,

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