Quick Question Widget

Updated 1 month ago by Allie Adams

Quick questions are amazingly effective at gaining traction and generating new leads.
Here is another video that  explains the difference between a quick question and a form:

The Quick Question widget is useful for inciting engagement with page visitors. They are the easiest way to get a visitor to opt-in to your messages. If you start off with a quick question, and the visitor responds, they are auto opted-in to future messages and added into your contact list.

Quick questions can be multiple choice, open -ended and more.  Dialogues can be linked to the multiple choice answers to direct the conversation in the intended direction. 

Quick questions also have a feature where they can pull the visitor's email, phone number and location from their Facebook profile. For example, if you ask a quick question such as "Is this your email?" and set the input type to "Email", the chatbot message will populate with the customer's email, which they can then confirm.

Keep in mind that Quick Question answers have a 20 character limit, per Facebook guidelines.

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