US & CANADA: Get started with SMS Marketing!

Updated 7 months ago by Dan Golder

In this guide, we will walk through the basics of an SMS setup including:

  • How to collect Phone numbers and opt-ins using your MobileMonkey Chatbot on Facebook or Web
  • Sending your first SMS Chat Blast

Step 1: Activate SMS

If you're a MobileMonkey Pro, Unicorn, or Team subscriber, you can claim a phone number and start your SMS Marketing for no additional cost right now!

Go to Settings, and click SMS

Choose your phone number and get started!

Use the Area code dropdown to search for a local number that your customers will recognize.

Step 2: Start collecting phone numbers with the Opt-in Widget

MobileMonkey's opt-in widget is the best way start building an SMS list. Let's edit our Facebook Page Welcomer to start collecting SMS opt-ins!

We'll start with the Welcomer we created in MobileMonkey 101: Converting Facebook Conversations into Emails (Part 1)

Add an opt-in widget

The Opt-in widget will do two things:

  • Confirm/retrieve the user's Phone Number
  • Request permission to send SMS messages

In this example, I'll replace my "email" question, but you can also keep both.

Customize the text in the opt-in widget

The SMS opt-in confirmation text is what will be sent to the lead's phone number after they provide it and messaging permission in the next step

TIP: Connect on Messenger will not be visible to users who are already on Facebook Messenger

Customize your opt-in dialogue

When a lead chooses to Connect on SMS, MobileMonkey will ask them for their phone number and for permission to send messages:

Customize your confirmation text

Lastly, we send one last message letting the lead know they'll receive a text from you. Congrats! Your opt-in widget is complete. Time to watch the leads start flowing!

Step 3: Send your first SMS Blast

Once you have a few SMS leads -- or maybe it's just your own number for now -- try sending out an SMS Chat Blast to your audience!

This is a great way to engage with existing leads on an ongoing basis.

Tips for success:

  • Be respectful! Remember these a people's personal numbers they've trusted you with.
  • Provide value. Don't just blast people links to your website, always make sure there is a good reason to send a text.
  • Be short and sweet! SMS isn't email or even Facebook Messenger. Short messages and quick back-and-forths will feel very natural to your leads and customers

Go to:

  • Campaigns
  • Chat Blaster
  • Create Chat Blaster

Make sure SMS is selected

In the Audience step, choose any audience containing SMS Contacts

MobileMonkey will only send SMS blasts to SMS Contacts within the chosen audience

Create your dialogue

There's no need to get fancy! Check out this example where I ask if the user is still interested in buying a car. If they are, I'll notify myself so I can come in and follow up with them personally.

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