Do you have an Affiliate or Reseller Program?

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Do you have an Affiliate or Re-seller Program?


Who is this program for? MobileMonkey’s Re-seller Partner program is for Affiliate Marketers, Agencies and MobileMonkey power users who want to earn commission when they refer MobileMonkey to their network and clients.

How does it work?  Re-sellers get a unique link that tracks referrals sent to MobileMonkey.  When a referral upgrades to a paid subscription, the Reseller Partner earns a revenue share every month for the life of the subscription.

How do I sign up?

It's simple!

1) Sign into MobileMonkey and click My Account > Settings in the bottom of your sidebar

2) Read and Accept the terms of service, enter your PayPal Email, and click Sign Up

3) Share your affiliate link with your network!

Read the Re-seller Partner Program Terms of Service here.

We look forward to Partnering with you!

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