Bot Builder Overview (video)

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Short overview of our Bot Builder and the Tools

After you logged in you can start building you bot from scratch, use temlates library to extend your bot or create new bot from the template. 
  1. To build chatbot from scratch choose Bot Builder menu and create custom dialogs
  2. To use template go to Templates menu and select View Temaplates Library 
  3. Click on any temlate and follow the offered workflow
  1. This is the side panel where you can access all the features of your bot.
  2. Here is your three main dialogs. The Welcome dialog, Default dialog and Main Menu. 
  3. These are your folders. We suggest create folders for each group of related dialogs. This keeps things organized.
  4. These are your dialogs. You can create as many dialogs as you want and drag them in the order you want. Simply click "Add Dialogue" to create a new one.
  5. This is where you access all your widgets. Clicking on any of the buttons adds that widget to the bottom of the center page. You can then drag it in any order that you want it. 
  6. This is an image widget. Just clicking on the widget will allow you to add, change or remove the image. 
  7. This is the Text widget. This is a very popular widget that helps to ask quetions and make offers to your audience, redirect to the website or request a phone call.
  8. Each page will have this section. You can test your bot or copy the page link to share with someone else. 
  9. Each page also has this section. This is a list of keywords that you can add to the page so it can be pulled up by typing in that keyword. 

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