Recommended Facebook Settings

Updated 1 month ago by Van Le

When using MobileMonkey, we recommend making the the following changes in your page settings in order to ensure that you can receive messages and there are no interruptions to your bot dialogue.

  1. In your General Page Settings (Page > Settings > General), make sure your Page Visibility is set to "Page published" and your Messages is set to "People can contact my page privately".
  2. Add a Send Message button to your Facebook page to make sure customers can message you.
    1. Go to your page and click on "+ Add a Button"
    2. Choose "Contact You" and "Send Message" option
    3. Click on Messenger as the destination.
    4. On the final screen click Finish
  3. In your page settings, make sure you shut off Instant Replies.
    1. Go to your Facebook Page > Inbox > Automated Responses
    2. Make sure Instant Reply, Away Message, and Frequently Asked Questions are all toggled OFF
  4. Make MobileMonkey your primary receiver
    1. Go to Settings > Advanced Messages
    2. Under Connected Apps section click the Configure button
    3. Click on dropdown next to Primary receiver for handover protocol
    4. Choose MobileMonkey app and close the modal
    5. Check out this helpdoc for more information

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