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  • Use the form widget for instant Lead generation.
  • You can create Forms for anything from appointment setting to event registration to a quote request.
  • Simply enter a few fields your user should fill out. You can even set one-click Facebook validations for email and phone number.
  • Then track your Form conversion rates in Form Reports and optimize.
  • Lead capture has never been easier for you or your clients!
  • Select the Forms Widget from the widget menu in the Bot Builder.
  • Forms send out a sequential series of questions to visitors to collect Lead data. 

Question Types

The type of question dictates the way the question will be output. The types are:

  • Text: Users can respond with free form text
  • Multi: Multiple choice
  • Email: Provides the user's email for them to confirm
  • Phone: Provides the user's phone number for them to confirm
  • Location: Provides the user's location for them to confirm


The validation dictates what type of answer will be acceptable. The validations are: (there is a current restriction on validation; make a ticket or include here)

  • None: Requires no validation
  • Number: Requires a valid number
  • Phone: Requires a valid phone number
  • Email: Requires a valid email address

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