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Updated 7 months ago by Timothy

On November 10, 2018 Facebook made a change to the API settings for the website widget code. If you have the old code installed on your website your website widget will not appear and you need to replace the old code with new code.

Instructions to update your Website Widget Code:
  1. Go to the HTML elements page on your Account and locate the "Customer Chat" in your list of installed HTML elements. Then click edit (pencil Icon).
  2. Scroll down to the code and copy the new code.
  3. Replace the old code on your Website with the new code.
    Note: you do not need to create a new HTML element. You can use the same one so your Source tracking is the same.
    NOTE: You may notice that in this video clip, dialogues are referred to as "pages". For your convenience, pages were renamed to dialogues on 1/22/19. Learn more.

If you need a refresher on installing the code:

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