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Think of pages like different destinations on a map of your bot, and widgets are the paths!

Pages are pieces of conversation in your bot that can be directed and connected through widgets. When building a bot, it is useful to keep each conversation area separated by different pages. 

For example, if you set up a quick question, and you want the bot to go in two different directions with the conversation depending on the user's answer, you should set up separate pages to connect each answer to.

There are three default pages set up in your bot.

  • The Welcome Page is the first message that the user will see when they click get started. It is a good idea to keep this page simple, so the user is likely to respond and become opted in to future messages from your bot.
  • The Default Page is the page that will pop up if your user types in something that your bot is not programmed to understand. This will only occur if you have "Respond to unanswered questions with a default page" selected in your settings under Bot Response Settings.
  • The Main Menu page is the menu that will be available in the bottom left of your chatbot. This should include simple options, like "Home" and "Contact". 

From there, you can begin building custom pages!

Your custom pages can direct the conversation in any path you wish!

Creating Pages

To create a page just click on the "Create Page" button and name your page. To edit the page just click on it and start adding widgets. 

Pages can be organized into Groups.

Groups are essentially folders for your pages. This helps keep you organized! You can also drag pages to change the order they show up within the group. This is handy so you can match your widgets with your pages order.

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