Getting Started with Widgets

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Widgets Add Content to Your Bot

What are widgets?

Widgets are the brains behind individual messages that your bot will send yo your customers. You can use widgets to send information and media, to ask customers for information you can save for later, or even to alert your team members that a customer has reached a certain stage in a conversation!. 

Get creative! 

How do I add widgets?

Adding a widget is as easy as clicking one of the buttons along the top of the Bot Builder. 

NOTE: You may notice that in this image, dialogues are referred to as "pages". For your convenience, pages were renamed to dialogues on 1/22/19. Learn more.

Whichever widget you choose will be added to the end of your current Dialogue. 

There are many different types of widgets with many different uses. 

Types of Widgets:

  • Text: Use the Text Widget to insert a sentence. You can add buttons to your text widgets to direct the conversations forward.
  • Gallery:  The Gallery Widget is great for showing off product lines and more. Insert pictures, titles and descriptions into your gallery that the user can scroll through horizontally.
  • Image: Use the image widget to insert an image file from your computer.
  • List: Similarly to the Gallery Widget, the List Widget is great for displaying product lines and other options. The list displays images with titles, descriptions and/or links vertically.
  • Form: The Form Widget is great for collecting data. Use the form widget to ask general questions about the customer's demographics, interests, etc. This is a great way to sort contacts into audiences.
  • Quick Question: The Quick Question Widget can be used to generate engagement, to direct the conversation, and more. Ask users a simple question and set the Input Type to multiple choice, text answers, etc.
  • Email: The Email Widget sends an email to a specified address when a certain Dialogue on the bot is visited. Email widgets can be very useful on keeping you up to date with hot leads you have coming in on your bot.
  • Video: Use the Video Widget to insert videos from your computer into the Dialogue.
  • Navigate: Use the Navigate Widget to direct users to other Dialogues without them having to click buttons.
  • Attribute: The Attribute Widget is used for creating audiences. Add the Attribute Widget to your Dialogue to sort contacts into relevant fields, depending on the Dialogues they land on.
  • GIF: Use the GIF Widget to insert pre-approved GIFs from GIPHY. This is a great way to add personality to your bot!
  • Attachment: The Attachment Widget allows you to insert attachments from your computer into the Dialogue.

To learn about Widgets, watch this video!

NOTE: You may notice that in this video clip, dialogues are referred to as "pages". For your convenience, pages were renamed to dialogues on 1/22/19. Learn more.

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