Customer Chat Widget: Greeting Behavior

Updated 6 months ago by Van Le

The Greeting Behavior setting allows you to specify whether or not to show a greeting in your customer chat widget.

A greeting is a chat bubble that pops up next to the chat widget loads to call attention the chat icon. Below is an example of a Facebook greeting

Available options for the Greeting Behavior includes:

  • Always show greeting
    • Greeting will always be shown
  • Always hide greeting
    • Greeting will always be hidden (so only the chat icon will be visible)
  • Show greeting on initial page load, then hide
    • Greeting will always be shown when the page loads, but then goes away after about 10 seconds
  • Hide greeting & automatically open chat window (Webchat only)
    • This is a webchat only option. Your webchat greeting will be hidden, and the full chat window will open automatically.
    • Your Facebook greeting, however, will be shown by default when this option is selected

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