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Is SMS Live in MobileMonkey?

Our first iteration of MobileMonkey for SMS is currently in closed beta. This means that we are working closely with a handful of partners to make sure it's ready for prime time.

When will I be able to use SMS?

SMS has different rules in every country, so we are making sure we are compliant with local regulations for registering phone numbers and sending messages to contacts. SMS will be available in the US and Canada in early January.

How do I get contacts for SMS?

We currently support several methods of list building:

  • Opt in widget - ask users for SMS permission in a Web Channel or Facebook conversation
  • Keywords - advertise keywords in your physical location or on your digital properties for users to text in order to opt in

How can I get a phone number?

MobileMonkey enables you rent a phone number to use for your business, which will be included in the SMS activation fee. If you prefer, you can register your business landline to work with MobileMonkey for SMS>

If you want to rent a shortcode, please be advised they cost $10,000+ per year, and contact for more information.

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