Messenger Ads With Automatic Sync

Updated 2 weeks ago by Inga Supranovich

MobileMonkey provides two ways to link Messenger Ads to Campaigns in your Ad Account: automatically and manually.

We recommended you use the 'Automatically' option, unless you want to edit the Messenger JSON after linking it to Facebook.

  1. Go to Advertising -> Messenger Ads
  2. Name the Messenger Ad
  3. In Step 2, customize what message to send to the target audience when they click 'Send Message' on your Facebook Ad

You can create an opt-in message with a quick question and possible answer options that would lead to specific dialog or choose a dialog that will fire right after audience hit button 'Send Message'

And this is how the bot communicates with the target audience which clicked 'Send Message' button in the ad

  1. In Step 3:
  • select 'Automatically' option
  • choose Ad Account
  • choose Ad campaign that was created in Ads Manager (if you don't see just created ad Campaign in dropdown list press Ctrl+F5 to reload the page)
  • choose Ad set (if you have multiple Ad sets check as many checkboxes as required)
  • Hit Publish Changes
  • Make sure you see success message "All Changes Synced"

  1. In Step 4 set up drip campaign that receive this Ad Audience (optional)

To learn more about tips and tricks on Ads watch the video.

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