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Video Overview

Landing Page Requirements

Top Tips:

  • Use a single quick question with one or two possible answers
  • Don't do a hard sell right away! Your goal is to make contact
  • Don't use attributes (like first_name) in your Messenger Ad page

Using Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads are a great way to drive new contacts into conversations with your bot. Set up through MobileMonkey and purchased through Facebook's Ads Manager, these tools combined enable you to configure a rich welcome experience that segues into one of your MobileMonkey lead capture "forms." 

Best practices

The best Messenger Ad page will consist of a Quick Question widget with one or two multiple choice answers. Don't do a hard sell on your first message, because you want the user to click one of the replies in order to become a contact who you can get in touch with later. 

Make sure you don't use more than one Question widget (or a form) on the Messenger Ad page, because Facebook will just send all of the content at once and you won't get answers to any but your last question.

See the instructions below to learn how to configure the ad in Facebook:

Step 1: Build your Messenger Ad Page featuring a single Quick Question:  NOTE: Make this page as simple as possible. You cannot use the form widget, the typing widget, a navigate widget, an attribute widget, or attributes like {{first name}} within the text. We suggest using one simple quick question, and a button that leads to a new page with a form if needed.

Step 2: Create a new Messenger Ad and choose the page you've just created. 

Step 3: Copy the JSON code from the Messenger Ad. 

Go to the "Ad Setup" in your Facebook Ad. Click "Messenger Setup". Click "JSON" tab. Click the first bracket and delete all of the default code. Paste the copied code from MobileMonkey and click "Done".

Step 4: Copy the URL Parameter. 

Go to the "Ad Setup" in your Facebook Ad. Click "Show Advanced Options". Paste this into "URL Parameters".

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