Sample Template ChatBots

Updated 4 weeks ago by Jason OHare

We created a few Chatbot Samples so you can see some of the possibilities.

Remember that MobileMonkey is Platform that allows you to be as creative as you need to be when you design a bot for a business.

Message the Facebook Business Pages below to demo the Bots. Enjoy!

Wicked Digital Marketing B2B Lead Bot: Visit Facebook Page

Personal Trainer Bot: Visit Facebook Page

Pur Adrenaline Gym Bot: Visit Facebook Page

Pizza Planet Restaurant BotVisit Facebook Page

Real Estate BotVisit Facebook Page

Apex Electronics Ecommerce BotVisit Facebook Page

Veronica's Beauty Salon BotVisit Facebook Page

Blue World Tech Conference BotVisit Facebook Page

Survey BotVisit Facebook Page

Speedy Car Repair BotVisit Facebook Page

Contest BotVisit Facebook Page

Smiles Dentistry BotVisit Facebook Page

You can use any of these bots as a baseline for creating your own Chatbot! From the dashboard, simply choose to  Add a bot and you'll see these bots available to choose from as templates. 

Sample Bots Overview

Sample Bots Continued

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