Attribute Widget

Updated 3 months ago by Allie Adams

This video shows you how to set up and use the Attribute widget in MobileMonkey.

The Attribute Widget it located in the Dialogues section where you create your Chatbot Content:

Attributes Widgets help prove attribution and draw a line to ROI.

An example use case is to assign a custom Attribute for Contacts that originate from Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Simply, add an attribute Widget to the Dialogue you use for your Facebook Ad  (there is another video tutorial on using MobileMonkey for Facebook Ads) and assign a value to a custom attribute you create for the Ad Campaign. You can assign any value you want by typing the value and hitting enter.

Example:  Attribute = "Facebook Ads",  Value = "Gold Promotion"

All visitors that land on this Dialogue will be assigned the value "Gold promotion" in the Attribute "Facebook Ads" within their Contact record in MobileMonkey.

Now you know exactly which Contacts originated from that specific Ad Campaign.

When naming attributes, keep in mind that you will be building audiences out of these, so be clear!

The attribute widget is an incredibly powerful tool.  It can help you sort your audiences, for multiple reasons! This tool is extremely useful for sending tailored campaigns and messages to specific people, based on answers they give.  It is valuable for understanding ROI, as well, and much more! 

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