Welcome Page, Default Page, & Main Menu

Updated 2 months ago by Jason OHare

"Bot Basics" are the 3 primary Pages and Main Menu included on all Bots. Learn how to update them in this 3 min video.

  1. Welcome Page: Think of the Welcome Page as the "Home" page of the Bot.  It should include a general Welcome message and direct visitors into the Bot session experience.
  2. Default Page:  this is a catch all Page that appears when a visitor asks a question that the Bot doesn't understand yet.  Make this page a simple polite answer and redirect the user back into the chat session.
  3. Main Menu: This is the a persistent menu that appears on the bottom of all Pages (in Mobile its a hamburger menu).  It can contain up to 3 Links. Typical links could be  Home (Welcome Page), Website, FAQ's.  In the Free version "Powered by MobileMonkey" is located in the main menu. 

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