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Updated 5 months ago by Allie Adams

Setting up a double opt-in is a great way to maintain GDPR compliance. Setting up a double opt-in will allow you to filter who you contact with promotional messages, by giving visitors a choice on whether or not they want these messages.

To begin, create a Quick Question in your opt-in page, asking whether or not the visitor would like to receive relevant updates. 

1) Create an opt-in page on your bot to gather your audience for your messages.

2) Use the Quick Question widget to ask if page visitors want to opt-in to certain message blasts.

3) Set the attribute to a relevant name like "{{OPTIN}}"

4) Set the answers on the Quick Question to "Yes" and "No", or any variation of the two.

Once you have set up this quick question, create an audience for your opted-in visitors. Create a filter in the audience to only people who have answered "Yes" to receiving updates. 

1) Click the Audiences tab in the left sidebar.

2) Create a New Audience, and name it something relevant like "Opted-in".

3) Create a filter on the audience.

4) Input the Attribute you created in the opt-in page ({{OPTIN"}}) into the filter.

5) Set the Value as Equal to  "Yes" or the form of yes that you used.

Now send your relevant messages to only people who have told you it is OK to do so.

To learn how to create a double opt-in, watch the following video:

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