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Bot Settings Control The Basics of Your Bot

Bot settings are used for 5 basic functions

  1. Naming your bot
  2. Making your bot Live or Inactive on your Facebook page
  3. Controlling your bot's response settings
  4. Setting your bot's default "Quick" message
  5. Setting your bot language

Naming Your Bot

You can name your bot anything you want.  Your page visitors will not see the name of the bot

Making Your Bot Live or Inactive on Your Facebook Page

Setting your bot to "Live" will activate it on your Facebook page. Setting it to "inactive" will deactivate it.

Controlling Your Bot's Response Settings

There are three options for response settings

  1.  Respond to unanswered questions with a default Dialogue (RECOMMENDED): This option will send the response within your Default Dialogue. There is a template message included in the default Dialogue. 
  2. Ignore unanswered questions: This option will leave all messages that it does not understand completely unanswered.
  3. Prevent users from typing free-form messages to your page: This option prevents users from sending their own custom messages entirely. For this option, you are required to have at least one item in your main menu, so user's have somewhere to go if they get stuck. This is not the best option, in most cases, since it will limit how users engage with your bot. That being said, it can work well for some businesses.

Setting Your Bot's Default "Quick" Message

When you provide the user with choices to answer from, such as multiple choice answers in the Quick Question widget, an error message will pop up if the user does not respond by clicking one of the given options. The default message is "Sorry, you must select one of the choices below.", which is subsequently followed by repetition of the question and answers. You can customize the error message in your settings under "Chatbot Quick Messages".

Setting Your Bot Language

We have over THIRTY languages to select from for your bot to respond in!

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