MobileMonkey Email 101

Updated 8 months ago by Dan Golder

Setting up your Email

  1. Go to Integrations to begin setting up your account.
  2. Click on Sign up with Google button:
  3. Select the account you’d like to connect to MobileMonkey.
  4. After the account is chosen, give all the needed permissions to MobileMonkey so that you can send the emails directly from the platform
  5. When the account is connected, you can edit the Sender name or leave it like it is.
  6. You can connect all the accounts you’d like to use by clicking on Sign in with Google button.

How to send Emails from MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an effective tool for sending emails and keeping your customers in a funnel. 

Step 1: Decide what channel you’d like to use to collect emails: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Webchat

Step 2: Create an Automation that generates email opt-ins.

  • Go to your Automation Templates page and select the most suitable template to start collecting emails:
  • Select a channel and follow-up options next.
  • Template is ready to go! You can always add additions email blocks to your automation or edit the existing ones:
  • Your emails will start sending once your Automation is active. To activate the Automations, press Start button:

What to do if you don’t have access to Automations yet

If you don’t have access to Automations and Email yet, please send us a note at or contact your Account Manager to turn it on ASAP!

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