How to Set Up Your InstaChamp Account

Updated 5 months ago by Virginia

Welcome to InstaChamp by MobileMonkey! These are the steps for setting up an InstaChamp account.


  • Instagram account must be an Instagram Business Account. To switch your Instagram account to a Business Account, refer to these instructions.
  • Instagram Business Account must be connected to a Facebook Business Page; user must be an admin for that Facebook Business Page. To connect your Instagram account and Facebook page, refer to these instructions.
  • Instagram Business Accounts must give express permission to MobileMonkey to use the DM automation tools. To enable these permissions, refer to these instructions.
  • If you are already a MobileMonkey OmniChat platform user, you can activate Instagram messaging tools using the instructions here.

Step-by-step account setup

  1. From the InstaChamp signup page, click the "Sign Up With Facebook" button.
  2. Log into the Facebook account that is an admin of the Facebook Business Page that the Instagram Business Account is connected to.
  3. Select the Instagram Business Accounts you want to use with MobileMonkey. Click "Next".
  4. Select the Facebook Business Page that is connected to the Instagram Business Accounts. Click "Next".
  5. Allow MobileMonkey permissions, selecting "Yes" to all. Click "Done". Then click "OK".
  6. Sweet! You are now in InstaChamp and you will see a listing of the Instagram Accounts you connected in the previous steps. To start setting up InstaChamp superpowers, click the Instagram account from this list and dive in to design your InstaChamp autoresponders!

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