Why is my Autoresponder not working?

Updated 2 days ago by Raquel Bartolome

Fret not—for here are the reasons why your Autoresponder did not trigger.

1. Check your KEYWORDS. "Quotes" around keywords which is used to trigger autoresponders for phrases or compound words IF they are mentioned on the same order should NEVER be used for a single-word KEYWORD.

2. Automations are not sent to private accounts.

3. When you manually reply to your Instagram contact, the bot pauses for 1 hour by default. In most instances, the bot may still be paused, causing automated messages not to send for a particular contact.

4. By default, autoresponders are not sent to those accounts your page follows back and to all verified accounts.

​​You can deactivate this on Settings found on the dropdown beside the name of your page, on the upper-right corner of the Page. You can also find the settings to change the default duration (time) that the bot will be paused when a manual response was sent. 

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