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Your Tour Starts Here!

You just signed up for a powerful chatbot marketing platform that lets your business instantly and automatically connect with customers in the chat applications they already use!

We're excited to show you how to use MobileMonkey with these videos:

Part 1: Overview

You will:

  • Get data and statistics about how customers prefer to stay in touch with businesses today.
  • Understand the role and importance of chat in your customer communications.
  • Hear a high-level description of the MobileMonkey tools demonstrated in Part 2.

Part 2: MobileMonkey Tour

You will:

  • Dashboard (0:00): Tour the home dashboard of MobileMonkey.
  • Chatbot Builder (0:55): Learn how to use the advanced chatbot builder, dialogues and content widgets to create an interactive chatbot conversation funnel, as well as how to test the conversation flow.
  • Inbox (7:37): See where you can view all your conversations in one place and chat with contacts, using enhanced features beyond the Facebook Page inbox like tagging contacts and pausing the bot.
  • Website Chat (8:50): Add your bot to your website with a website chat widget, and send traffic to your bot through other entry points like links, checkboxes and buttons.
  • Marketing Automation Tools (10:00): Learn how to set up automations: chatbot drip campaigns to automatically send messages to contacts on a schedule, and connections to your other business systems using Zapier.
  • Leads & Audiences (12:40): See how to segment your contacts into audiences based on who they are, what they're looking for, and other personal info collected in chat.

Part 3: Support & Resources

You will:

  • See how to get to the searchable Help Docs from MobileMonkey.
  • See how to reach out to support from within MobileMonkey.
  • Get connected with MobileMonkey Island, the private community of chat marketers where you can ask questions, get feedback, and learn about new tutorials.

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