Chat Starters

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Chat Starters can be added to your existing web properties or shared with your lists and help facilitate conversations between you and your audience. When you click on "Chat Starters" you will see the following screen.

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Website Widget

The website widget is how you add chat to your website or landing page. It sits in the bottom right corner and there are several different options.

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Facebook Page Welcomer

The Facebook Welcome connects directly to your Facebook page and is a good place you will start building your bot.

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SMS Keywords

This is a very powerful feature and one that you must implement in your strategy.

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Comment Guards

Comment guards are another amazing tool from MobileMonkey. With comment guards you are able to capture leads for FREE! All you have to do is implement this on your Facebook posts and watch the leads come in.

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Opt-in Popups

SMS Opt-ins are great for collecting phone numbers from people who visit your website. MobileMonkey makes it really easy to build really nice pop-ups.

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Share Links

You can create a link that you can share from any dialogue you have. You can share these links in SMS messages, emails, messenger and groups. Another great way to use share links is to dialogues that you have created for questions that you get over and over. You can now simple share a link to your bot with the answers to those questions. There are so many ways to use share links that are really powerful and you can build them really quick.

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Landing Pages

If you want to do a quick landing page to get opt-ins without having to host a web site. You can use our built in landing page builder and with a few clicks you are ready to go.

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