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Video Overview

When you have audiences created for messenger and or sms and you want to "Blast" out a message then you will use the Chat Blaster. There are a few steps to you need to go through before you can send out your message.

  1. First you need to choose what platform you are going to be sending out to.
  • Facebook Messenger
  • SMS

If you choose Facebook Messenger then it's going to ask you if this is Promotional or a Notification update. Most of the time you are going to be using Promotional.

If you choose SMS then you will continue to the next step.

  1. Choose an audience for us to deliver your message to. All your audiences that you have created are available from this drop down. You will also notice to the right that it says "Reachable Contacts". MobileMonkey will check to see if any of these contacts have not interacted in the last 24 hours and exclude them. This is MobileMonkey's way of protecting you from being banned by Facebook for sending messages when you shouldn't.

Now if you don't have an audience then when you click the drop down you will see an option to create a new audience right from this window.

  1. Choose or create a Dialogue

Here is where you will choose the message that you want to send. You can choose an existing dialogue or you can create a new one. The Dialogue creator is the same as as in all the other areas in MobileMonkey. Just click on Add widget to start.

  1. Choose whether to send this message now or later.

You can choose to send this message immediately or in the future.

Idea #1: Invite contacts to a webinar.

Idea #2:  Send a message about a new blog post that is of interest to them.

Idea #3: Announce the opening of a new store.

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