How to Add a Chatbot to a Shopify Site | Connect a Facebook Bot to Shopify

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Howdy Chatbot fans, and welcome back. In this lecture, we’re gonna continue on website chat widget.

I’m going to show you quickly how to add your website chat widget to your Shopify store.

Back in the HTML elements over here, you have your website chat widget. We’re gonna copy the code again.

We’re gonna quickly go over to our Sofa Mania store. In your backend or Shopify, you’re going to click online store, and under your current theme section, click actions and edit code, and you’re gonna search for in the search field your theme liquid.

It’s usually up towards the top right over here, so we’re gonna click theme liquid, and we’re gonna go drop this code in towards the top.

You might have some other scripts and things like that running. I’m gonna drop in the code right here, and then I’m going to save my asset. You can also drop it down towards the bottom of the page.

When I refresh the page on the front-end the, Facebook chat widget will be there and be functioning properly.

I’m just gonna delete this because this is a live site. we don’t want it on the site right now, but that’s how you do it, that’s how you do it in in Shopify.


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