Chat Marketing 2020

Not Your Grandma's Chit-Chat.

October 7th | 11:00 am - 4:00 pm New York Time | Streaming Live

Forget Small Talk. Just Real Talk.

Every relationship starts with "hello." Conversations open doors. And since the days of Blackberry keyboard pagers we've turned to text and chat messages for quick, convenient communication.

Today's marketing professionals need to know how to use chat marketing automation to start more conversations with future customers and to re-engage prospects.

Chat Marketing 2020 will give you the tools and strategies to dominate like Optimus Prime — from 24/7 chat autoresponders to effective lead gen funnels, from cross-channel chat management to comprehensive customer journeys, from lead nurture chat drip campaigns to time-saving integrations with your CRM.

Chat Marketing 2020

Simple, Essential Strategies for Chat Marketing Automation

Ever since the smart phone out-maneuvered sliced bread for the title of Best Invention of All Time, marketers have felt the gravity of Mission Mobile.

On October 7, study with mobile marketing mentors to learn the new software and strategies accelerating growth for chat-activated businesses.

Marketers looking to up-level lead generation and customer communication with engaging, interactive chat and text automation — the 411 is here.

Mission Mobile (noun):

The once-in-a-generation, revolutionary imperative of communications professionals to be available, responsive and engaged with customers via mobile devices — including but not limited to the ever-evolving network of mobile messaging and apps, mobile advertising and the mobile web.

Mission Mobile Stats

more time spent on mobile

Mobile devices vs. Desktop devices

more active monthly users messaging

Messaging apps vs. Social apps

more ad spend on mobile

Mobile ad spend vs. TV ad spend

Marketers, a chatbot is your new BFF.

Whether you've been ignoring Mission Mobile or you've embraced it since the days of iPod Shuffle, this is the event to rocket-boost your Rosey the Robot and pour jet fuel into your R2D2.

Automate customer chat

Upgrade your communications strategy to sell more, cut costs, and automate in the most popular chat platforms of today and tomorrow.

expand your customer reach

Hear about businesses like yours automating lead generation, qualification, sales support and customer care, where prospects and customers are.


Learn the automation tools, tech and tactics generating the most value for businesses — for services and sales, marketing and support.


See the future trends businesses need to know for effective reach and engagement with chat-centered communication.



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MobileMonkey Director of Marketing

kris olivo


Founder & Head Llama, Almost Magical Marketing

randall neason


Founder & Chief Creative, ELV8ED Marketing Agency


Chief Ecommerce Technologist,

Summit Chat Room Sessions

Larry Kim

8:00 AM Los Angeles | 11:00 AM new York | 4:00 PM London

Top 7 Chat Marketing Unicorn Growth Tactics of the Not-So-Distant Future

Since the dawn of time, marketers have turned to automation to scale leads, more quickly and with more efficiency. Today's fastest-moving, most effective marketing automation connects businesses with customers where they communicate: instant, real-time chat and text. SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, iMessage — more time is spent in chat apps than social media, email, and on phone calls. Yet less than 1% of businesses are equipped to automatically connect with customers in chat. This keynote illuminates the big picture of how marketing and communication technology will evolve over the next five years  so you can bring your business into the automated chat future.


8:45 AM Los Angeles | 11:45 AM new York | 4:45 PM London

5 Essential On-Site Chat Tactics for Marketing, Sales & Customer Support

Having chat on a website has been proven to drive the highest customer satisfaction ratings and increase average order value by 2X-3X and more! Talk about a unicorn tool for growing businesses. This session dives into the tools and strategies companies use to transform a smart on-site chat widget into happy customers, data-driven support teams and big-time business value.


9:30 AM Los Angeles | 12:30 PM new York | 5:30 PM London

SMS Engagement & List Growth Secrets of the Text Message Marketing Masters

Overlooking your text message marketing strategy? No worries, you're only ignoring the 38-and-younger crowd. OpenMarket research shows Millennials outright prefer text messaging with service providers for everything from offers and promotions to notifications and updates, reminders, surveys and any other marketing and customer communication you can think of. This session fills in the gaps to give you the tools and tactics to seamlessly connect your business systems and marketing team to your customers via SMS.


10:15 AM Los Angeles | 1:15 PM new York | 6:15 PM London

How to Drive Tons of Customers into Your Inbox Using Facebook Messenger Ads That Convert

Want to have the super power to make customers and potential customers reach out to you or your clients? Then pay attention. Advertisers can generate conversations via paid traffic using Facebook Messenger ads, changing the ad machine from an outbound system to an inbound system. Chatbots and Facebook Messenger ads have revolutionized the landscape of marketing and customer service. Never before have businesses had the ability to communicate with their customers at scale in such a direct and efficient way. In this presentation, Kris Olivo will discuss the Facebook Messenger ad tactics and strategies his team at Almost Magical Marketing Agency uses to convert — before and after the click.

kris olivo


11:00 AM Los Angeles | 2:00 PM new York | 7:00 PM London

How Ecommerce Companies Boost Revenue +13% with Live On-Site Chat

Derric Haynie is the host of “The Future of Ecommerce” podcast and Chief Ecommerce Technologist at — where Ecommerce stores go to research, discover, and buy the right tools to grow their store. Attend this session and you'll learn the quickest way to fail with a live chat tool along with a clear picture of the tangible ROI you can get from a properly executed live chat strategy. Plus, discover all the common pre-sales inquiries that, when answered quickly, can result in big results and revenue boosts.


11:45 AM Los Angeles | 2:45 PM new York | 7:45 PM London

Agency Marketer's Guide to How to Sign More Clients & Grow Contracts with Chatbot Services

You're a marketing consultant or agency owner, data-driven creative for hire or technically savvy story-teller, and generally bomb at what you do. But you know there are potential clients you aren't reaching because sales are slumping. Do you feel seen? Randall Neason parlayed his success scaling his own ecommerce business with Facebook Ads and performance channels into his role as founder and chief creative of ELV8ED Marketing Agency. In this session, he shares a framework for pitching prospects, differentiating your services, and setting up a simple, repeatable menu of services that clients understand and that will allow you to deliver consistent value.

randall neason


david bain


Casting Cred Founder, Author of Marketing Now

David Bain helps marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, tactics and technologies through his books, podcasts and digital services, helping them to cut through the noise to focus on what shifts the needle. A digital marketing pioneer, podcast host and producer, David started his first online business back in the year 2000 and his first podcast in 2006. Since then he’s worked with several global organizations including Google, Nespresso, PA Consulting, and Farfetch, delivered dozens of digital marketing training sessions, and hosted hundreds of podcasts, webinars and online summits. David, his wife and his son are based in London, UK. Find out more about David’s books, podcasts and digital services at


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What will I take away from Chat Marketing 2020?

  • Learn how radically customer communication expectations have changed in the last 3 years
  • Understand the tools available to connect with customers in chat automatically
  • Access the best practices for developing successful, engaging multi-channel chatbots
  • Upgrade your entire organization's communication technology and tactics