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Chat Marketing 2019: The Conference

Technology to power the future of customer communication.

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The future of customer

communication is here.

This is not an FYI.

It's DO OR DIE in the new era of customer communication.

75% of your customers prefer to text or chat with businesses.

Businesses must meet customers in the chat apps where they are right now.

It's go time.

December 12 is your chance to immerse yourself in the next generation of customer communication technologies enabling your business to break barriers:

Chat automation for customer support, marketing and sales.

Chat Marketing 2019

Radical communication shift in progress.

Your customers text and chat more than they email.

More than they call.

And they chat more than they use social media.

There is no ignoring the digital communication shift that's occurred.

It's time to evolve your business —

... To connect with customers in the communication channels where they already are.

... While saving your business money with automated customer care.

... And scaling your business with record leads and revenue.

Why Every Marketer & Entrepreneur Needs to Be at Chat Marketing 2019


You want to know what chat platforms businesses need to adopt for effective reach in the chat-centric age of customer communication.


You want to hear about businesses like yours automating lead generation, qualification, sales support and customer care, where prospects and customers are.


You want to know the automation tools, tech and tactics generating the most value for businesses — from SMB to enterprise — across the most popular chat platforms.

Enter the Chat Marketing Era

You want to evolve your business to save time, cut costs, increase business profitability, and boost leads and sales with chat automation technology.



MobileMonkey CEO & Founder, Top Author on Medium


MobileMonkey Sr. Product Manager


MobileMonkey Product Manager


MobileMonkey Director of Marketing


Co-Founder of ChatCloud, a MobileMonkey Premier Agency


Co-Founder of ChatCloud, a MobileMonkey Premier Agency

Chat Marketing 2019

What is chat automation?

Customers expect businesses to chat instantly.

No surprise that 80% of businesses say they want to have a chatbot in 2020.

Commerce is happening in chat. 

It's running automatically.

And the very latest technology is within your reach.

Jump onto the fast track to bring automated chat strategy, technology and tactics to your business and break records with upgraded customer communication.

of millennials

say the most helpful texts they receive are appointments, delivery, payment reminders, surveys & promotions.

of consumers

would rather chat with businesses to solve problems more quickly.

of customer communication

will be handled without a human in 2020.

Break-Through Sessions

Larry Kim

Top 5 Future Trends in Customer Communication: Multi-Channel, Chat & Beyond

Wake up to the future of customer communication. Around the world, people chat and text more than they use any other communication channel. SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, iMessage — more time is spent in chat apps than social media, email, and on the phone. Yet less than 1% of businesses are equipped to automatically connect with customers in chat. Understand the immediately actionable applications for chatbots in customer care, marketing and sales. This keynote reveals the big picture of how customer communication technology is evolving in 2020 and beyond so you can bring your business into the automated chat future.

Daniel Golder

​One Bot Builder to Rule Them All: The "Build-Once, Works-Everywhere" OmniChat Solution

Chatbot development technology today is expanding the possibilities of what's possible for businesses. This latest tech break-through makes chatbots accessible to all businesses and all consumers, on many popular chat interfaces. Instead of building separate chatbots for each chat channel, businesses can build a bot once that works on many of the chat applications your customers are already using. How is this possible? This in-depth demo should not be missed.

Van Le

​Connecting the Entire Organization with Chat Automation Business Tools

Automated chat for customer communication is a cross-functional initiative. Chatbots for customer support. Chatbots that transfer conversations to live agents. Chatbots that field sales inquiries and trigger hot lead notifications in email, desktop apps, and on-the-go mobile apps. This session introduces the business tools and strategies that seamlessly connect multiple teams with fully integrated chat automation solutions. Learn the tools upon which you will build the future of your customer communication.

​Virginia Nussey

How to Get More Customers & Drive Revenue with SMS & Facebook Ads Chatbots 

75% of millennials say they want to receive helpful chat and text messages from brands. You are now entering the world of text message marketing. Combine SMS blasting with Facebook Messenger Ad bots to leverage the strengths of each chat channel ... from one unified platform! Understand how to drive leads and create highly engaging messages that results in revenue and repeat customers with this tactical session.

Craig Cameron & James Isaacs

Future of Digital Agencies: How to Update B2C, Ecommerce & B2B Marketing Playbooks for 2020

The radical, global communication shift to chat platforms affects agency marketers, agency owners, and marketing consultants in an acute way. It is not only one business that you are trusted to update in capabilities and technologies. You may be the trusted marketing and communications expert for many brands spanning multiple vertical industries. Hear from two agency owners who have been successfully upgrading brands to chat automation for over 3 years, and scaling their agency as a result.


CEO & Co-founder, MobileMonkey

Larry founded MobileMonkey in 2017 after seeing the need for a product that enables marketers to engage with customers via mobile messaging platforms. He assembled the founding team, raised a seed financing round and today focuses on product and marketing strategy.

Prior to MobileMonkey, Larry was the founder and CTO of WordStream, the world’s leading provider of PPC marketing software, employing hundreds of people and managing approximately a billion dollars for thousands of customers worldwide.

Larry was named “Marketer of the Year” by Search Engine Land, the US Search Awards, and PPC Hero. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada and has a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old who keep him busy.

david bain

Author, Marketing Now

David Bain helps marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, tactics and technologies through his books, podcasts and digital services, helping them to cut through the noise to focus on what shifts the needle. A digital marketing pioneer, podcast host and producer, David started his first online business back in the year 2000 and his first podcast in 2006. Since then he’s worked with several global organizations including Google, Nespresso, PA Consulting, and Farfetch, delivered dozens of digital marketing training sessions, and hosted hundreds of podcasts, webinars and online summits. David, his wife and his son are based in London, UK. Find out more about David’s books, podcasts and digital services at


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What will I take away from Chat Marketing 2019?

  • Learn how radically customer communication expectations have changed in the last 3 years
  • Understand the tools available to connect with customers in chat automatically
  • Access the best practices for developing successful, engaging multi-channel chatbots
  • Upgrade your entire organization's communication technology and tactics