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June 16, 2022


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Welcome to MobileMonkey Instagram Ads & Meta Business Messaging Summit

Learn how to grow your audience, improve ad performance, drive quality engagement and increase revenue using the trends, technologies and tactics developed by Meta and the advertisers and marketers crushing it on Instagram and Facebook today.

Transformative insights in advertising

The "AH HA" marketing event for creators

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Who Is This MobileMonkey Summit For?

  • Creators growing audience reach
  • Coaches scaling sales systems
  • Business Owners accelerating revenue
  • Marketers and Advertisers driving leads
  • Revenue Teams automating sales outreach


A world-class lineup of leaders from Meta and the Growth and Advertising industries share their revenue acceleration secrets.

Justina Nguyen

Strategic Partner Manager

John Lee

Author of "Business Hack"

Larry Kim


Lauren Tickner


Virginia Nussey

VP of Marketing

Stay Tuned

Speakers announced soon!

3:00 PM London | 10:00 AM New York | 7:00 AM Los Angeles

Justina Nguyen

Strategic Partner Manager

Meta Messaging & the Big Picture for Business Growth

May 19 marked the first-annual Meta Conversations event, a day that Facebook and Instagram's parent company dedicated to helping businesses build better and faster experiences on the most popular messaging platforms — the #1 place where customers want to be in contact with the businesses they support. Meta is all-in on business messaging, an impossible to ignore sign that messaging automation is the future of sales, marketing and business growth. Listen in as Justina Nguyen, Meta Strategic Partner Manager, overviews the business messaging playbook and gets hands-on, developing the automations that generate the most revenue and opportunities for enterprises and small businesses investing in Facebook and Instagram today.

4:00 PM London | 11:00 AM New York | 8:00 AM Los Angeles

Larry Kim


Larry's Fool-Proof Instagram Verification Playbook

How would that coveted blue check mark on Instagram change your business? Since Larry Kim successfully locked in Instagram verification, his Instagram reach and followers skyrocketed. 10X views, engagement and followers over night! Walk through the exact steps that you need to take to get the Instagram verification badge on your own account, and skip the trial and error, and thousands of dollars that it typically takes to get there. In this session, you'll get 7 actionable tips on how to get verified on Instagram for free — even if you’re not currently qualified. And learn how to apply for Instagram verification with a copy-and-pastable example of a blue checkmark application that passed the test! Let's goooo!

4:45 PM London | 11:45 AM New York | 8:45 AM Los Angeles

John Lee

Author of "Business Hacks"

Secrets to Skyrocketing Instagram Audience Growth

Learn from the author of "Business Hacks" a proven formula for building an audience, with high engagement, and building relationships that grow loyal customers. John Lee has grown his audience to 2.6 million on Instagram, with hundreds and thousands of comments on posts, and thousands of VIP subscribers to his coaching courses for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Swipe his 3-step strategy and secret toolkit for entrepreneurs and coaches building their brand on Instagram, Facebook and other prominent social channels.

5:30 PM London | 12:30 PM New York | 9:30 AM Los Angeles

Lauren Tickner


How to Nurture and Close Six-Figure Sales in Instagram DMs Like a Boss

Lauren Tickner was named Forbes Magazine's #1 Business Coach for 2021 for a reason. The entrepreneur and coach to growing businesses has mastered the art of sales — and teaching others how to sell. Her favorite and most effective sales channel? Instagram DMs. This must-attend training for coaches, creators and business owners will reveal how Lauren and team use the "Traffic Light" system they developed to sell over $100K through Instagram last month. Wondering what top-sellers are doing to turn Instagram audience and engagement into dollars in the bank? This session is for you.

6:15 PM London | 1:15 PM New York | 10:15 AM Los Angeles

Virginia Nussey

VP, Marketing

5 Sales-Driving, Low-Cost, High-ROI Instagram & Facebook Ad Strategies

The menu of Meta ad types and metrics is vast. Ultimately it boils down to developing your own formula of ad types, targeting, placements, bid strategy, and creative that generates the highest ROI for *your* business. While there's no replacement for years of experience, testing and deep-diving into Ads Manager … oh wait, there is. This session is your world tour of Meta Ads for coaches, creators, entrepreneurs and revenue teams with an eye on the ROI. Tune in for a take-home tasting menu of 5 Instagram ads playbooks that you can launch tonight to see results in a week — to learn exactly what it is your audience responds to and what performs best for your business in the ads space.

Why Should I Attend the MobileMonkey Instagram Ads & Meta Business Managing Summit?

  • Your business growth matters
  • Your career growth matters
  • Insights into the channels you're invested in
  • Speakers from Meta

Events of this caliber are never free. Except for this one.

What Attendees Say

Mind Blowing Insight!

sergiy solonenko

The information was amazing. So much though it was a firehose of stuff.

Patrick smith

Super useful, informative and inspiring

Bea Brunfeldt

Learned cool tips and have a bunch to do now.

brian ortega

The best virtual summit I've ever attended!


It was most helpful for this social media team of 1!!!

Demetria bridges


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