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Summit Agenda

The Instagram & Facebook Ads Virtual Summit starts LIVE on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, at 7:45 am PT / 10:45 am ET / 2:45 pm GMT


10:45 am GMT-4

​Opening Remarks

KRISTINA SIMONSONSenior Digital Marketer at WordStream

11:00 am GMT-4

How to Create a High-Converting, Full-Funnel Ad Strategy in 6 Steps

​Did you know that your choice of campaign objectives can have a huge impact on the cost and performance of your Facebook campaigns? Objectives may seem straightforward, but you can actually align the different types to different stages of your funnel to drive more leads and sales for your business at each stage. In this session, WordStream’s in-house acquisition power house Kristina will lead you through six proven steps to set up a Facebook ad campaign that’s perfectly in tune with your sales funnel, so you can bring prospects exactly what they’re looking for and maximize your social media budget along the way.

SAVANNAH SANCHEZ, Paid Media Manager at Common Thread Collective

11:45 am GMT-4

​5 Machine Learning Updates You Can Use to Make Instagram & Facebook Ads So Much Easier: Lessons Learned from $100M Ad Spend

​Facebook Power 5: Three words that represent the new framework for Facebook and Instagram ad buying on Facebook's machine-learning-powered ad platform. Savannah leads the team of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat media buyers at Common Thread Collective, developing frameworks and techniques for scaling ad accounts. She has personally managed over $10 million in ad spend at a profitable return. Savannah shares how to use Facebook Ads machine learning to easily execute robust testing that scales ad accounts and allows advertisers to focus on the important creative ad components.

VIRGINIA NUSSEY, Director of Marketing, MobileMonkey

12:30 pm GMT-4

​Actionable Ad Hacks in the Facebook Universe: Ads with Chatbots for Instagram, Facebook & Messenger

​When their recent Messenger-bot powered Facebook ad campaign went viral, Technosetbee saw 430X ROAS on their $300 campaign ad spend. Brands who are marrying Messenger chatbots with ads served on Instagram, Facebook & Messenger are seeing huge lift in sales and full-funnel engagement. Customers who connect with businesses on Messenger are +10% more likely to buy again. And ads that send to Messenger convert +14% more than traffic and conversion objective ads with the same offer! Learn how to leverage the click-to-Messenger ad objective and make this off-the-chart performance yours.

MICHELLE MORGAN, Director of Client Services at Clix Marketing

1:15 pm GMT-4

​Pixel Perfect Marketing: Demystifying the Facebook Ad Pixel

​​The Facebook ads platform has so many fun tools for us to play with and leverage in our campaigns, but none of it matters if we don’t have the Facebook pixel set up and tracking properly. It opens to doors to all the machine learning from the Facebook platform and allows us to take our campaigns from good too great. In this session, we’ll cover: what the Facebook pixel is and how to set it up, how to customize the pixel for your business, setting up custom conversions, how Google Tag Manager can be your secret weapon, and how to leverage the pixel for advanced audience creation for targeting, Lookalike, and exclusion success.

MOODY NASHAWATY, Chief Strategy Officer at MuteSix

2:00 pm GMT-4

​Formula for Instagram Ads Success: How Performance Marketers Develop Creative for a Full-Funnel Instagram Strategy

​Success in this Instagram moment is all about staying relevant and achieving incremental gains. Too many ecommerce brands load all their spend into gigantic, repetitive engagement campaigns that don’t push the needle as far as they should. Performance marketing on Instagram requires CONSTANT iteration centered around getting as many assets out of every creative shoot as possible. Ecommerce marketers must master a complex mix of internal assets, UGC, influencers and more to ensure they have the endurance necessary to stay relevant in this constantly-shifting attention economy. This session will give you the details you need to produce creative for Instagram and Instagram Story ads that help your brand stay native in the feed.

TIM BURD, Co-Founder of Ad Leaks

2:45 pm GMT-4

​20 Shortcuts to Dominate the Facebook Ads Algorithm + Bonus 10-Step Campaign Bidding Optimization (CBO) Strategy

​The godfather of Facebook Ads, Tim Burd, breaks down each piece of the Facebook Ads algo: scheduling, bidding strategies, CTR tactics, Quality Score, virality, engagement and more. Learn how to take advantage of every item that Facebook evaluates in serving ads across the ad platform and how to use it to your advantage (legally). Walk away with +20 hacks and explanations. Then stay tuned for a step-by-step primer for using CBO, Facebook's new way of optimizing the distribution of your campaign's budget across your ad sets and audiences. Tim offers a 10-step walk-through on how to set up CBO, from objectives to ideal number of ad sets, targeting and audience size, the creative that's working, and even headlines to use. You'll be an ads algorithm and CBO expert after this jam-packed keynote.

DENNIS YU, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of BlitzMetrics

3:30 pm GMT-4

​Instagram & Facebook Ads Under the Microscope: 5 Case Studies and a Real-World Account Dissection

​Dennis's team has managed millions of dollars of ad spend for brands including The Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone. Take a ride with Dennis Yu as he goes under the hood with five actual Facebook Ads accounts running placements across Facebook's family of apps. This is a highly interactive session where the audience participation and questions are key to success. If you have questions about how to set up your Instagram, Messenger and Facebook ads, office hours are on now.

Larry Kim, MobileMonkey CEO & Top Medium Author

4:15 pm GMT-4

​How to Grow Your Instagram & Facebook Ads Agency

​Larry Kim started a digital agency a decade ago and grew it to +300 employees, tens of thousands of customers and managing over a billion dollars of ad spend. Last year, that company sold for $150 million. In this session, Larry will summarize the top takeaways for performance optimization agencies juggling multiple channels, diving deep into the intricacies of the fast-moving Instagram & Facebook ads ecosystem. You'll get the Cliff's Notes of Larry's hundreds of experiments in client retention and ad optimization strategies that you can copy for your own agency.