Log Events

To Add Messenger on Website, Facebook SDK have to load. And the Same Facebook SDK can be used for Analytics. To log and view Analytics “Facebook App ID” have to be added. View Facebook Analytics “Event Debugging” will be useful to quickly check events are working.

Messenger REF

WebHook Param There are multiple ways to use REF attribute. Based on the REF value, you can arrange the bot to start the chat from a specific Message. E.g  –  You can arrange your messenger to start the conversion from a specific point. If users are on the home page, or on a checkout page, …

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Minimize Messenger

Minimize deprecated.  Instead, use greeting_dialog_display, greeting_dialog_delay for customization. The greeting_dialog_delay attribute will take precedence of the minimized attribute. Default – Greeting dialog is hidden on mobile, shown on the desktop. True – It will have the same effect of setting greeting_dialog_display = “fade” False – It will have the same effect of setting greeting_dialog_display = …

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Change Shortcode name

Default shortcode name is ‘chatbot’ — can use like If you like to change the name, At ‘WP-Chatbot’ plugin – Settings page, At ‘Shortcode name’ field, change value and save. Based on the above Image, Now the Shortcode name is ‘messenger’, use like [messenger] Shortcodes Attributes Shortcode name must be unique to other shortcode names created …

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