Grow your agency by enabling messaging across your client portfolio

Agencio’s integrated chat marketing hub delivers top ROI for clients with less time and resources

Integrated chat automation for engagement & lead generation

OmniChatⓇ is your marketing agency’s ultimate conversation hub for Instagram, SMS, live chat and Messenger. Automate engagement, accelerate lead generation, and decrease cost per acquisition for clients across industries.

Gain more clients​

Differentiate your agency with emergent, ROI-driving marketing technology.

Increase monthly retainers

Expand service offerings by replicating powerful marketing funnels across clients.

Reduce client churn

Keep clients happy by delivering lower cost per acquisition and elite engagement in web chat, SMS, Messenger and more

See what our agency partners are saying

Cat Howell

Founder, Eight Loop Social

I am super grateful for the MobileMonkey team because the bot funnels we use at Eight Loop Social effectively segment out our ideal agency clientele. And with templates you can put it into your own accounts and run with it.
craig cameron chatcloudio
Craig Cameron

Founder, Funnelo Agency

Agencio is unquestionably the chatbot software of choice for agencies to deliver results. It’s powerful and stable, yet simple and easy to use. We’ve used all the bot-building platforms and Agencio by MobileMonkey is unparalleled.

Isaac Rudansky
Isaac Rudansky

Founder, AdVenture Media Group

It’s incredible what Agencio has done for our Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns. The technology of chatbot automation immediately generates revenue for our clients, which makes us look good. 

Differentiate your agency and deliver results with chat marketing automation

Power Up Your Agency with the Ultimate Messaging Platform

The Only Inbox Your Agency Needs

View and respond to SMS, Facebook Messenger and web chat In a unified inbox, live and automatically.

Advanced Marketing Automation

Build super customizable messaging automation with notifications, routing, and copy automations across clients.

Generate Leads

Build clients’ lead lists and re-engage leads automatically with outbound messaging.

Facebook Ads Tools

Sell more and decrease cost per acquisition through conversational commerce and interactive messaging automation.


Access for agency teams of all sizes, and their clients, including live operator and campaign management roles.

Integrate Client Systems

Connect your clients' marketing tech stack including major CRMs and marketing automation platforms, and build custom integrations with the MobileMonkey API.

Instant Engagement

Automated social media responses across profiles saves time and delights clients and their customers.


View analytics and build reporting on chat marketing and advertising that delivers on your clients' goals.

Agencio Plans & Pricing

We’ve developed flexible pricing that allow you to scale up your agency with MobileMonkey

Boutique Agency Edition​

  • Messaging solutions for social media engagement and lead generation from a unified inbox.
  • Win new clients by offering solutions for SMS, Facebook Messenger and web chat
  • Unified customer communication inbox
  • Easily build messaging dialogs
  • Templates for every industry

Full-Service Agency Edition

  • Omnichannel messaging tools with a dedicated account manager and high volume messaging allowances.
  • Advanced bot builder with customizations
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integrate with your clients' business systems with Zapier and web hooks
  • Custom branded user sign-up

Powerhouse Agency Edition

  • Premier partnership for digital and creative agencies servicing premium brands and driving major volume.
  • Native integrations with all your clients' marketing tech stack including major CRMs and marketing automation platforms
  • Build custom integrations with MobileMonkey API
  • Clone and share custom build bots as templates

How OmniChat Multi-Channel Messaging Works

Step 1

Connect MobileMonkey to a client’s website for web chat, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS messaging

Step 2

Create instant replies that work seamlessly across channels to save you time and increase engagement

Step 3

Create automated marketing funnels integrated with other CRM and marketing systems to increase leads, appointments, sales and signups

Step 4

View and respond to incoming messages from a unified inbox for desktop and mobile with alerts and agent routing

Chat marketing solutions designed for agencies

Innovative chat marketing automation

Set your agency apart and deliver elite engagement in Instagram, web chat, SMS and Messenger, and decrease CPA with chat marketing services.

Flexible pricing

Three editions custom built for boutique, full service and powerhouse agencies, with custom pricing available.

Specialized agency features

Copy marketing funnels across your client base to save you time and drive results!

Team training

From one-on-one onboarding to a dedicated rep, we support you as the go-to chat marketing agency.

Put Agencio to work for your agency

Blog Posts for Agency Marketers

Chat Marketing Tools for Agencies FAQs

MobileMonkey invests in your agency as a partner when you are an Agencio customer.

Digital marketing agencies can count on a personal, one-hour onboarding for your team as you get started with Agencio Boutique Agency Edition.

If your agency has ongoing support needs, the Agencio Full-Service Agency Edition includes monthly calls to review your client funnels and automations with a dedicated account manager with account optimizations.

For a strategic partner to assist in the design of creative campaigns and be available for technical implementations, Powerhouse Agency Edition is an partnership solution where our experts and engineers are available to support your agency and clients with bespoke solutions and strategies. 

The support your agency needs is our priority at MobileMonkey.

Every digital agency will have its own approach to charging for services related to designing chatbots, chat marketing automations, and funnels in chat.

From charging for chatbot functionalities or funnels, to pay for performance or pay per lead models, to monthly retainers and maintenance agreements, there are as many different ways to charge clients for chat marketing services as there are business problems to solve or marketing campaigns to launch — endless.

As a general rule, we see our agency partners that charge for value of services provided to have higher customer value and greater customer retention when compared to agencies that charge clients for chatbot builds by feature or finite campaign.

Chatbot templates and chat-based lead generation funnels are available as templates for Agencio customers, including: 

  • Appointment booking template
  • Contest template
  • Email list builder
  • Lead gen from web chat
  • Quiz chatbot template
  • Customer support template

With Agencio you can also turn any chatbot you create into a copy-and-paste template that you can copy to your other clients.

MobileMonkey is your digital marketing agency partner for all your needs. If your team is building its internal expertise of chat  marketing strategy or executing strategies in the Agencio platform, MobileMonkey is available to train your team. Ask us about our training programs when you schedule your free demo of the platform.


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