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7 Super-Actionable Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips to Try Right Now

Today I’m highlighting the top 7 actionable Facebook Messenger Marketing tips you should try right now.

I cover all sorts of Growth Marketing topics including Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC, chatbots, LinkedIn marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

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#7) Build a chatbot in under 5 minutes

Create your own chatbot for Facebook Messenger in minutes without coding.

See a chatbot in action here.

unicorn chatbot

#6) Grow Messenger contacts with Facebook post autoresponders

A crazy way to grow your Messenger contact list so you can blast to the tune of 80% engagement.

Try a comment guard here.

unicorn post autoresponder

#5) Do surveys in Messenger

Email surveys are donkeys compared to Messenger surveys. Say no to stupid email surveys.

Do a quick 3-question survey.

messenger surveys

#4) Re-engage contacts with Sponsored Message campaigns

Messages to existing Messenger contacts get 8x engagement compared to email’s donkey-loving 10% open rate.


#3) Convert email subscribers into Messenger contacts

I discovered two hacks to convert your own email subscribers into Messenger subscribers.

See a Facebook Messenger subscription.

email contacts to messenger subscribers

#2) Promote blog posts with Messenger ads

Facebook traffic ads are donkeys. Get 100% conversion rate and cut your cost per result in half using the newest ad format.

messenger ads

#1) Do nurturing drip campaigns in chat

Nurture leads from first hello to die-hard fan in a channel with 70-80% engagement.

Choose your own drip campaign adventure here.

facebook messenger drip campaigns

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