The Top 7 PPC Marketing Hacks of the Year

Attendees are saying that my  “Top 7 PPC Marketing Hacks of the Year” webinar from this Tuesday is “The first webinar I sat in on a long time that I didn’t wish I had gotten an hour of my life back at the end”.  

PPC Marketing Hacks

That’s high praise, considering how PPC marketing is +15 years old, and it’s not easy to come up with radically new strategies that actually work.  People are asking for the video recording, So here it is!

In The Top 7 Hacks of All Time, learn how to:

  • Eliminate most click-fraud Facebook Ads and Google Display Network campaigns
  • Leverage a strange ad targeting method designed double or triple the click-through-rates of your Facebook ad campaigns
  • Master the new Facebook “Send-to-Messenger” Ad with the help of chatbots
  • Combine RLSA, display remarketing and content marketing 
  • Create brand affinity for your products/services in your target audience

What was your favorite PPC marketing hack in the presentation, and why?

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2 thoughts on “The Top 7 PPC Marketing Hacks of the Year”

  1. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the great webinar! Regarding identifying the right managed placements with the SEMrush which you’ve mentioned on the webinar, is there an in-built tool for this or you just mean identifying the websites that rank well in search and checking whether they belong to GDN? Thanks 🙂

    1. yeah that is the idea. just find REAL, authoritive websites. Eg: the top 1000 sports sites, or finance, or news, or travel, etc.
      if they don’t belong to the GDN, then if you upload them as manage placements, they just won’t accrue impressions (it’s like adding a keyword with no volume). you can just delete them later. The KEY here is to AVOID the managed placement suggestion tool! (since 99.999999% of those sites are fake).

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