How to Apply — & Get Approved! — for Facebook Subscription Messaging

Update: Facebook Supscription Messaging is now Facebook News Messaging

Subscription broadcast messaging is a feature in MobileMonkey’s free chatbot platform. But subscription messaging isn’t a Facebook Messenger marketing freebie, it’s an approved status granted by Facebook.

Want to see if your Facebook Page and Messenger chatbot qualifies for subscription messaging permissions? Read this guide and download the cheat sheet to ace your application.


Today I want to talk about a pressing and important issue for Facebook marketers and advertisers — Facebook subscription messaging.

We’ll review what subscription messaging is, who can do subscription messaging in Facebook Messenger, and how to use it as a high-impact marketing tactic.

Of course we’ll also talk about how to apply and get approved for Facebook subscription messaging so you can send subscription chat blasts and do Facebook Messenger marketing with MobileMonkey.


This guide covers:

Jump to each section with the links above or read on for details.

What Is Facebook Subscription Messaging?

Keep in mind that Facebook Subscription Messaging is now Facebook News Messaging. We’ll first explain Facebook Subscription Messaging here, but you can read up on what Facebook News Messaging is below this section.

The explanation starts with the 24+1 Facebook Messenger rule.

In the first 24 hours of a user opting in to messaging, you can send unlimited updates, promotional and non-promotional.

After 24 hours, you can send unlimited non-promotional updates and one promotional follow up. This is called the 24+1 Rule and what Facebook calls “standard messaging.”

When you create Facebook Messenger chat blasts, you pick a purpose of the blast. There are 17 messaging purposes, btw:

chat blast purpose

Promotional chat blasts are available to anyone, limited to the first 24 hours, plus one any time after.

You can also pay to send a promotional chat blasts any time via Facebook sponsored message ads.

Meanwhile non-promotional chat blasts are available to all businesses, and you can view all the Facebook Messenger messaging tags here.

All of them … except for one: non-promotional subscription messages.

The non-promotional subscription message can be sent by businesses that have been approved by Facebook for subscription messaging.

What is Facebook News Messaging?

News messages allow news publishers to send regular news updates to their subscribers in Messenger. This feature is only available for registered news Pages under the Facebook News Page Index (NPI).

Pages registered with the News Page Index don’t need to apply for news messaging permission.

News messaging apply to news content only, and must not be used for promotional content. Examples of promotional content include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Subscription offers
  • Deals
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Content produced by or that promotes a third party (e.g., branded content, affiliate marketing)

To send news messages, NPI registered pages need to use the NON_PROMOTIONAL_SUBSCRIPTION message tag.

But keep in mind that the use of news messaging outside of these approved use cases may result in restrictions on your ability to send news messages. So be careful!

What is the Facebook News Page Index (NPI)?

Facebook’s news Page index is a foundational step to help Facebook identify pages that primarily publish news content on the platform.

Therefore, any Facebook Page that primarily creates journalism should be registered as a news Page on Facebook.

One of the benefits of registering as a news Page on Facebook is that registered Pages may be eligible for products and services specifically designed for news publishers. Other benefits will evolve over time and registering news Pages will allow Facebook to understand the full breadth and needs of the news ecosystem on the platform.

How to Register for the Facebook News Page Index (NPI)

Here’s how to get started registering for Facebook’s NPI, or News Page Index.

Any admin with access to a Page in Business Manager should see the “News Pages” option under the “Registrations” tab in Business Settings. This is where you can begin the process of registering your news Pages.

If you’re not already an admin, see this article: How To Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page

Also note that before you can register a news Page, you must first verify your domain and verify your business with Facebook.

In addition to submitting news Pages, publishers also have the opportunity to share optional information about their Page, like logos and editorial policies.

To get started registering for the Facebook News Page Index, go here: Register your News Page

Who Can Send Subscription Messaging Broadcasts in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook has an application and review process for Facebook Business Pages that would like to send subscription messages. Businesses receive subscription messaging permissions at the page-level.


If your page is approved for subscription messaging by Facebook, you’re free to send subscription chat blasts with your MobileMonkey bot.

Which leads us to …

How to Apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging in 2 Steps

The good news is that it doesn’t cost a business anything to apply for Facebook subscription messaging. And the application process is fairly short. I’ll show you how to apply for subscription messaging in 2 steps.

The trickier news is that Facebook has a review process for subscription messaging applications, and in our experience, it can take many applications before a page is approved.

You’ll want to take special care and pay close attention in putting together a thoughtful application. Follow these instructions to get approved for Facebook subscription messaging.

Step 1: Request Subscription Messaging in Facebook Page Settings 

From your Facebook Page, go to Settings:

facebook page settings

Go to Messenger Platform:


And from Advanced Messaging Features, request subscription messaging:


Step 2: Complete the Short 3-Part Application for Subscription Messaging

The subscription messaging request has three parts — pick a category, describe the nature of your chatbot, and give a couple examples.

The three categories to choose from are:

  • News
  • Productivity
  • Personal Tracking


For the most part, MobileMonkey customers will choose News.

The other categories are too specific to generally apply. Business bots help customers through relevant updates and industry information.

In the details section, describe the information and updates services your chatbot provides, like blog updates.

For MobileMonkey we said something like “MobileMonkey chatbot sends periodic alerts on important marketing industry news.”

Then provide a couple of examples of the helpful news blasts sent by your chatbot:


MobileMonkey’s examples were something like:

“Alert: GDPR regulations come into effect in 24 hours. Check the website for details.”

“The American marketing association has released their annual state of the industry study. Check website for details.”

When your Page has been approved, you’ll see this notice under Advanced Messaging Features:


Tips for Writing a Facebook Subscription Messaging Request

By applying for subscription messaging, you’re agreeing not to send promotional messages under the non-promotional blast purpose.

It is important that you not send promotional stuff outside of the 24+1 rule.

The way that Facebook checks is with machine learning. If you sending too much promotional stuff you’ll get reviewed.

How long does subscription messaging review take?

Because the subscription request is a manual review process, the amount of time to be approved varies. We’ve seen approvals completed within days, or take months.

What happens if you don’t apply for Facebook subscription messaging?

We recommend all our customers apply for subscription messaging to get permissions to send non-promotional and 24+1 promotional messages.

If you don’t apply, or aren’t approved, you have the option to send sponsored promotional messages. You’ll basically have to pay for every message you send.

Do you have to request subscription messaging for every Page?

Facebook is switching to page-level approval, so yes, requests must be made for each Page. Go into each Page’s settings to find the request form.

How can I tell if my chatbot is a “News,” “Productivity” or “Personal tracking” chatbot?

The Facebook for Developers documentation describes the different chatbot categories.

“Productivity” chatbots use integrations for managing personal productivity like calendar events and reminders.

“Personal Tracking” chatbots are more specifically tied to “personal trackers” that give updates on individuals’ health, wellness, fitness and finance.


As you can tell, subscription messaging is an important thing to apply for in your Facebook page. If you have any questions, join the community and ask in the Facebook group.

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26 thoughts on “How to Apply — & Get Approved! — for Facebook Subscription Messaging”

    1. Virginia Nussey

      Hi @Precious. After Dec. 31, 2018, a page that isn’t approved for subscription messaging will not be able to send chat blasts under the purpose “non-promotional subscription.” These pages can send chat blasts marked as promotional and pay for messages sent to their contacts. You can still apply after Dec. 31, like new FB pages will still be able to apply.

      1. Virginia Nussey,

        Where do we find the option to pay for messages to our lists? And how much is FB charging?

        Will the “pay for messages” be an ad in the list of all messenger messages from everyone or will it be an actual message that delivers and looks like messages within the 24+1?

  1. Hello would please guide me if I really need the subscription thing?
    I sell real estate here in the philippines
    I would like to have some kind of automatic followup to them 1 day after they received my first message.
    Do I need the subscription?


    Hi Mr/Ms. {{NAME}} are you interested in the property? or would you like to see more sample of houses.
    We are here to help you if you have any questions”

  2. do I apply for this even though I have just started with mobile monkey and not even up to sending our blasts yet?

    1. @Alyson Poole: If you are setting up one or more FB pages, go ahead and apply for permission for each page even if you aren’t planning to use it right away … you *will* need it as you go forward and want to reach out regularly to your list. As the article above mentions, you will still be able to do that after December 2018, but why not take advantage of the fact that you can get in early?

  3. How can I tell if I was approved? There’s a green check mark next to Subscription Messaging and no “Request” link. Does that mean it’s been approved?

  4. This is misleading, you should point out that the 24 hours refer to any last interaction with bot, not only the 24 after turning into a subscriber.

    for example, after 24 hours, you could send a broadcast asking a question, and if they reply, you have another 24 hours to send promotional content.

  5. Wiktoria Niedbala

    I tried to apply for the Facebook subscription messaging for all of my three accounts however only one worked. On the other accounts I am unable to click on the advanced messaging features as this tab has been replaced with subscribed apps.

  6. Hi there,

    Does getting approved for subscription messaging show the check mark on widget as pre checked in my online store ? if not is there any way to apply for it ? we believe it will be very beneficial for following up with customers who abandoned their cart!

    Apps say they can no longer apply on the user behalf, does it mean that here is still a way to get a pre checked widget if I applied on my own ?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Miz – there’s no check mark for subscription messaging as far as a user will see. To apply for subscription messaging permissions follow the steps above. You can use MobileMonkey’s app-level subscription messaging permissions for the time being, especially since the deadline was extended.

  7. Hello! I did not see this information in time. Now I have requested permission 4 times from Facebook and it denies me. Even giving the same information that MM gave in your request Is there any way to get it?

    Do pages created after 01/01/19 can you get it?

  8. If I apply for subscription messaging can I still send promotional messages as a Standard message (eg I meet Standard Messaging guidelines and am inside the 24 hours since last interaction?)

    1. Daniel Threlfall

      Hey Gemma, if you are approved for subscription messaging, you can send non-promotional messages freely whenever you want.

      If you haven’t yet been approved, you can send as many promotional messages as you want within the 24-hour window.

      The only difference that this change makes is this: pages who are not approved for subscription messaging will no longer be able to send chat blasts.

  9. Chris Blagden

    I tried 8-9 times to get approved, I run a recipe site. It does not matter what I put in the form it is always disapproved with canned response. PITA.

  10. Quick Question.
    Not sure i understand, do you need a bot to apply or if you want to send subscription manually it is also possible.
    Also, can you apply and then get a bot service like mobilemonkey or you should first use the chat bot on your page.


  11. Steven Patterson

    I have applied twice now and I have been denied both times. I just put in a third request. My area is real estate and I think they are being overly sensitive in this area. My examples have been news related and not promotional at all. I had an example of a master planned development being built, and to check the website to see how it will affect your commute. The other example was the city of Hoover changing a zoning regulation. Check the website to see how this will affect you.

  12. They don’t approve you anyway for subscription messaging using these tips, I tried 60+ times, you just get the same can spam denial message, pointless.

  13. The ‘What is Subscription Messaging’ section doesn’t actually say what it is or what is meant by it. Please could someone explain what exactly subscription messaging is and why we need to be approved by Facebook before we can use it.
    Thanks for any help.

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