How to Boost a Post on Instagram for Free

How to Boost a Post on Instagram For FREE! Three NEW Calls-to-Action for Instagram

Normally, you would have to pay to get +600 comments and +300 likes on an Instagram post, right? Well, today I’m going to show you how to boost a post on Instagram for free.

Recently, I tried to promote an Instagram post. However, as you can see, it wasn’t approved because there are 0 promotion clicks. In other words, all of the engagement on this post is 100% organic.

How to Boost a Post on Instagram for Free: Campaign Results

Here’s what’s really interesting, as well as why you should start using Instagram DM automation tools for your own Instagram account: Of the +6,000 people reached, 69% were people who did not follow me

To put that into perspective, my average reach outside of my follower base has been roughly 10% per post.

Additionally, the post generated: 

  • 700% increase in reach outside of my own followers.
  • Nearly 100 bookmarks.
  • 25X my normal post reach. 
  • Well above my average new follower count (in the thousands) for the month.

And don’t forget about the more than 500 comments and 250 plus likes that I’ve already mentioned.

How did this happen? What changed?

I attribute these results 100% to InstaChamp automated messaging tools and their ability to favorably trigger Instagram’s algorithm via organic engagement. 

Which brings me to the underlying topic of this article. That is, the “what” that is making it possible to boost a post on Instagram for free. 

Here’s our agenda:


Increase social media ROI through instant engagement, audience monetization, and time saving tools for creators, coaches, influencers and social media managers. Activate InstaChamp superpowers for Instagram and Facebook for free this week!

How to Boost a Post on Instagram for Free 

Here’s the Instagram carousel post I’ve been referring to:

In InstaChamp, there’s a tool called the Comment Auto-Responder. InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responders allow you to send private automated messages to people who comment on your posts using a specific keyword, such as AUTODM.

As you can see on the final slide of the carousel, the Comment Auto-Responder is triggered by users completing my carousel post’s CTA: “Type AUTODM into the comments for instant access…” 

I include the CTA both on the final slide of my carousel, as well as in the post’s caption.

This is a completely new way to attach a call-to-action to a post, which in turn has the effect of boosting the post significantly.

What we find is that if you ask for a simple engagement, you typically get 3 to 5 times more engagement.

Now, let’s get to how you can put the world’s first Instagram-approved direct messaging and engagement tools to work for your own brand!

How the Comment Auto-Responder Boosts the Reach of Instagram Posts

Coming back to that 69% number. That’s the percentage of people my post reached that did not already follow me.

Remember, my normal posts only get maybe a third of this kind of traction and around 10% of the engagement are from people who do not follow me.

When your post reaches more people outside of your followers than it does within your own follower base, your post has reached albino unicorn level status.

Instagram rewards posts with high-levels of engagement. That’s why the Comment Auto-Responder is so ingenious because every time someone comments on the post, Instagram’s algorithm is triggered favorably. 

In return, my post gets shown to more people. Furthermore, with every new comment, the amount of people outside of my own followers my post is shown to on Instagram increases. 

In other words, engagement is the key to successfully growing your follower count on Instagram. To get new followers, you need to reach new people. And to reach new people, you need to get engagement on your content.

Without the InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responder, none of this would have been possible.

So, if you want to know how to boost a post on Instagram for free, InstaChamp by MobileMonkey is your answer.

And it’s not just me!

One week after the launch of InstaChamp, MobileMonkey affiliate partners are already averaging between 2X to 3X reach on their posts!

Take this post from Sorav Jain for example:

With Sorav’s first-ever post using InstaChamp, he was able to:

  • More than 2X his average reach with Instagram Reels, and
  • Already has over 100K views and 1,000 shares.

That’s incredible!

As you may have noticed in Sorav’s Reel, here’s the really good news: The InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responder is just one of the tools in InstaChamp you can tie to your post’s call-to-action.


Increase social media ROI through instant engagement, audience monetization, and time saving tools for creators, coaches, influencers and social media managers. Activate InstaChamp superpowers for Instagram and Facebook for free this week!

Why InstaChamp CTAs Fundamentally Change Instagram Marketing

These new Instagram auto DM tools are truly special because they solve a critical problem for businesses on Instagram.

The Problem: The complete absence of reasonable CTAs to ask people to fulfill on Instagram. Right now people are more or less hoping they get a click on the link in their Instagram bio. That’s just sad. However, it’s been the only viable option…until now.

Prior to InstaChamp, the funnel on Instagram was completely broken. The best call-to-action marketers had at their disposal was “click on my bio link.” I’m sorry, but that’s just not good enough! 

Larry Kim, Founder at MobileMonkey

InstaChamp fundamentally changes CTAs on Instagram, forever. So much so, we’ve given them a name: InstaChamp CTAs

The 3 InstaChamp CTAs

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 3 InstaChamp CTAs: Comments, Mentions, and Send a DM. 

InstaChamp CTA #1: Comments

Example CTA = “Comment on my post using the word TRAINING to join my next free live training course.”

Example InstaChamp Auto-Responder:

how to boost a post on Instagram: auto-reply tools

InstaChamp CTA #2: Mentions 

Example CTA = “Mention me in your Instagram Story to receive an entry into the contest and a free sticker.

Example InstaChamp Auto-Reply:

InstaChamp CTA #3. Send a DM

Example CTA = “Send me a DM to see if I have any specials going on”

Example InstaChamp Auto-Reply: 

How to boost a post on Instagram for free: Send me a DM

How InstaChamp CTAs change Instagram marketing forever

Prior to InstaChamp CTAs, there wasn’t an easy way to ask for additional engagement on Instagram. Most people don’t even have a call-to-action on their posts. 

With MobileMonkey and new DM automation, it’s so easy to get that extra fulfillment because of the instant gratification that users receive by doing so. 

Want this ebook? Get it immediately by commenting “ebook” on my post. It’s that simple. 

So now, there’s no excuse for marketers. You should be using automation to provide bonus materials, by asking the user for just a little bit of engagement.

The great thing is that no matter how great your engagement already is, this will make it better. OR, if your engagement is crappy, this will make it less crappy.

I’ve never really had a super active Instagram, but when I do post and use InstaChamp CTAs, I get at least 3 times more engagement on Instagram. And sometimes, like in this post, 25 times more engagement.

What’s the significance here? The significance is that creators and brands need to fundamentally change their thought process when creating their Instagram content. 

It needs to be modified in such a way that you give away some or most of the value in your content, but save some to be fulfilled, such as bonus materials, based on how you want people to engage. That could be post comments, mentions of your brand, or starting more 1-on-1 conversations in your DM inbox.

When you do that, the rewards are astronomical. Mainly because you end up showing up in front of all these people you never would have before. 

How to Boost a Post on Instagram for Free: Important Next Steps

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