how to tag a business on Facebook

How to Tag a Business on Facebook: The Art of Tagging on Facebook, the Complete Guide

Most of us know that you can tag a business on Instagram and other “tag friendly” platforms. But, can you tag a business on Facebook? If so, how do you tag a business on Facebook?

There are as many ways to use Facebook for Business as there are to catch a monkey in the jungle. We could write a novel about either (“How to Catch a Monkey in the Jungle”…not bad!)

But that’s not why you are here. 

You are probably wondering why you can’t tag a business on Facebook, whether it’s your page or another business page on Facebook. 

Or perhaps you are wondering, what the heck is a tag anyway?

We have you covered! The illustrious Facebook tag is no longer for the select few — but for all businesses, marketers, and ordinary people to enjoy freely. 

Here’s what you’ll learn about how to tag someone on a Facebook business page in this article:

So, ready to learn how to tag a business page on Facebook? Let’s go!

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What Is a Tag on Facebook?

In your personal life, it could be a blessing or a nuisance. A lot of people aren’t thrilled to be tagged — but businesses almost always are!

how to tag a business on Facebook

A tag is when you make a post or Facebook status update and link to someone’s name or page you mention in your caption. 

Think of it as a “shout out” or social media’s way to give credit where credit is due.

When you tag a business or person, they receive a notification. Some people or pages even change their settings to automatically publish tagged posts onto their page. While others will have the option to choose whether or not they want to unveil what lies beneath their tags (note to self, never “friend” your boss, or neighbor, or preacher, or…).

When other people see a photo that you or your business has been tagged in, there will be a link to your profile or page. 

Why Tag a Business On Facebook?

In three words, why tag a business on Facebook? Publicity, Engagement, and Growth.

Not too long ago, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm was reminiscent of today’s LinkedIn, where quality and intriguing organic content can fare well.

You likely already know that Facebook has become a pay-to-play environment. Without coughing up some cash, it’s very unlikely your business is going to get any attention on the platform.

Don’t lose hope! Penny pinchers and small business owners who have survived thus far with little to no Facebook Ad spend will be pleased to know that you can improve your organic reach by tagging your business on Facebook.

Tagging businesses and people on Facebook is the foundation for viral content. This is the best way to distribute your posts across the social network organically.

How To Tag a Business On Facebook

Tagging a business on Facebook is essentially the same process as tagging a person. Whether you want to know how to tag someone on Facebook from your business page or another business page, we are here to help! 

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1

In an update or post, type the @ symbol followed by the business or page name. 

Step 2

As you start typing, a dropdown list of options will appear. Select the correct page, and continue typing your caption as usual. 

how to tag a business on Facebook

Step 3

Click “Post”!

The tagged business or page will appear highlighted in blue and, once published, will become a clickable link. 

To Tag A Business Page In A Photo

After you’ve added a photo to your post, you can tag a business directly in the photo.

Step 1

how to tag a business on Facebook

Hover over the photo until “Edit” appears and click it.

Step 2

how to tag a business on Facebook

Click the “Tag photo” button. 

how to tag a business on Facebook

Click anywhere on the image within your post, and type the person or business name. Then select the correct name or business. 

Quick Tip for How to Tag a Business On Facebook: If the business page you are looking for isn’t populating in the @ drop down, navigate to their page and copy and paste their @ tag name, which is directly below their profile photo.

how to tag a business on Facebook

Facebook Tagging Rules

You can go on a tagging spree and tag up to fifty people or pages in a single post! Do it!

If you know that many people or businesses that you can justify tagging in a post, perhaps from a community event, you can instantly alert them and get way more publicity.

While it’s not as effective as a 100% conversion rate Facebook Messenger ad using a tool like MobileMonkey, it’s still beneficial. ????

Here are a few other good-to-knows on how to tag a business on Facebook:

  • You can tag people and business pages from a post or in a comment on someone else’s post.
  • You can tag business pages whether you have liked them or not. 
  • Business pages cannot tag individual people in a post.
  • Business pages can only tag other business pages with some exceptions.
  • If an individual comments on a business page’s post, the business can now respond and tag that person within that particular comment thread. 
  • Some people and pages may have their privacy settings adjusted not to allow themselves to be tagged. 

Where Do All The Tags Go? 

When a business or individual is tagged in a photo, that photo is automatically sorted into an album on the business’ page. 

When a business or individual is tagged in a post caption, it will appear on their timeline if their settings have this function enabled. 

If they do not have this setting enabled, then they will receive a notification about your tag and be given the option to share it to their timeline or not. 

How to Enable Businesses Being Tagged on Facebook

By default, your tags are enabled except for photo tags. You can enable the photo tags or change other tag settings.

To enable businesses to be tagged on Facebook, log in to the business page, and click “Settings” in the menu. 

Under “General” settings is “Tagging Ability” and “Others Tagging This Page” where you can customize your page’s tagging permissions. 

You may need certain permissions to tag a business on Facebook as your company. If so, you can learn how to manage page roles and how to add an admin to your Facebook page here.

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How To Tag a Business on Facebook Best Practices

Now that you can tag a business on Facebook, make sure you follow proper etiquette and best practices when engaging with other pages and people. Here are some ways to get the most out of your tagging.

Tag Yourself In Community Groups Or Pages For More Organic Traffic

Look for your photos on community groups or pages and tag your business to drive organic traffic to your Facebook page.

This will drastically increase your online visibility. If you’re familiar with SEO, you probably realize the internet is basically a bunch of links. 

Take a look at the source code of this page or any other, and you’re going to see a litany of links here, there, and everywhere on the internet. 

This is good. This is what it’s all about, link building! And that’s what every tag on Facebook is, a link. Tags are a direct connection between your business and another person or business. 

Art Or Science? Tagging a Business On Facebook

If your Facebook business page is getting tagged, good for you! 

If it’s not, then you need to start encouraging your customers, partners, employees, and fans to begin tagging you whenever they can. 

There are many benefits to tag a business on Facebook, to name a few:

  • Drive more traffic to your Facebook business page.
  • In community or local “Seeking Advice” posts, a small business owner might comment on a thread and tag their own business.
  • Increase engagement and gain new followers.
  • Get more reviews

Tagging is working smarter, not harder. Make your social media do the work for you! 

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