Facebook Messenger Chatbot Training Course from MobileMonkey & Isaac Rudansky

chatbot training

Master the latest marketing automation technology driving lead generation, growing ecommerce sales, and enhancing ad performance: free chatbots for Facebook Messenger.

MobileMonkey’s 12-hour, step-by-step video training master class equips business owners, digital marketers and advertisers to:

  • Collect lead information, do event registration, and make appointments with chatbots.
  • Design chatbots to do instant lead qualification.
  • Utilize psychological principles with chatbots to decrease time to conversion and increase lifetime customer value.
  • Connect your chatbot to other business applications like your CRM, email platform and ticketing system.
  • Send automated, instant alerts to email, Slack or SMS when your chatbot interacts with new leads.
  • And so much more!

Buy the Chatbot Master Class from MobileMonkey for just $19.99!

Now with bonus videos and exclusive access to the chatbot marketing master mind community — LIMITED TIME ONLY!


Dive into chatbot marketing with intensive, step-by-step instruction taught by best-selling and top-rated Udemy instructor and AdVenture Media agency founder Isaac Rudansky.


Chatbot Training to Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots & Chatbot Messenger Ads without Coding

No previous coding knowledge is required to build complex chatbots using MobileMonkey’s visual chatbot builder and Facebook ad development platform.

In fact, you’ll never write a line of code while you:

  • Sign up webinar attendees and increase attendance through a Facebook Messenger conversation using a chatbot.
  • Build a chatbot for customer support that immediately and automatically answers questions and in a personalized way.
  • Develop chatbot drip campaigns that nurture your leads into customers within Facebook Messenger’s familiar chat interface.
  • Automatically connect your lead and customer data collected by your Messenger chatbot to your other business systems.
  • Create highly successful Facebook ad campaigns that link to your MobileMonkey lead gen chatbot.
  • Drive more sales and promotions for ecommerce and service businesses to your existing customers and new leads.

Chatbots are engaging, interactive, personal and scalable! Bots inform and entertain, sell and educate!

And now thanks to MobileMonkey’s visual chatbot building platform and Isaac’s master class that breaks down everything you need to know about chatbot marketing from big picture to persuasion techniques to step-by-step bot building tactics.

chatbot training

Testimonials for the Chatbot Training

MobileMonkey’s Chatbot Master Class is rated 4.7 stars on Udemy by 650 students. 

Read what students have to say!

5 stars
“Isaac Rudansky made this course most informative and entertaining. His section on the psychology of selling was like an extra bonus! I’m happy to recommend this Facebook marketing course to anyone considering using Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool.”

–Darrell Place 

5 stars
“As usual, Isaac provides so much value out of the gate! I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in his new course because I’ve taken all the other ones.

I love how he structured the course – it’s very logical and clear and it flows nicely.

I also love his teaching method. He uses lots of examples and that’s the real gold here. You can always go and figure out by yourself how to use the platform, but you might not think of all the use cases of a certain feature. Well, that’s what Isaac does for you.”

–Elena Petrov

5 stars
“Whew!! Wow!! That was a lot of brilliant chatbot information. Knocks my socks off. Super satisfied with this course. So promising!! Isaac makes the best teacher. So in depth and technical training I got here. Very detailed course. Can’t complain. Plus the PDF slides for this course is the cherry on top. Thank you Isaac!!”

–Maricor Atanacio

5 stars
“I am blow away by the volume of knowledge Isaac has provided.

This noob spent hours attempting to build effective and efficient chat bots which were too long and too complicated. Every noob needs this course.”

–Sharon Kendall

5 stars
“Issac is the man. Was taking his google ads course prior to this one which is also incredible (though it would be helpful if the course was updated to the new Google ads interface) but can’t complain learning great lessons that before pausing my campaign to start working with these bots, my ads were at a 90% top of page average… Which was the best out of any company in my market (Squarespace, Wix, Shopify…) and I’m only half way don with that course! the future is bright with this guys direction. Highly recommend this to all my friends and colleagues. Love learning from someone who is out there doing it! Already got my bot up on my website and it works like a charm! can’t wait to start running more google ads. Amazing the value you can get from these courses for the price… Way more useful than 4 years of business school which cost 60k… :/ Don’t fall into that trap youngins! read books and learn from people who have what you want! (rant over) thanks again Isaac!”

–Matt Morelli

5 stars
“I like Isaac’s teaching style. He’s obviously extremely knowledgeable on the subject of chat bots and is one of those rare experts who can take a complex subject and simplify it for noobs without talking down or treating students like we’re idiots. His tone is definitely one of ‘you can do this!'”

–Rich Cook

5 stars
“So far it seems this has been one of the best decisions of my marketing career”

–Andy Carr



What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger is the most popular chat application in the U.S. The app has over 1.3 billion monthly active users! 

Over the last 3 years, the use of chat apps has exceeded the use of social networks worldwide!

Your customers are using Facebook Messenger from their phones every day. And you can send them messages to stay in touch and promote your brand or service!

The open rates and engagement rates of email marketing have been trending down as spam filters, promotion tabs and all the noise of an email inbox creates an ineffective marketing environment.

Social networks are watching organic engagement drop while social ad costs explode with competition!

But on Facebook Messenger, a business can expect to see up to 80% open rates for messages within the first hour of sending.

And you can see response rates of 20% as your contacts are more likely to respond to interactive, conversational, mobile-friendly messages with push notifications.

That’s the reach and opportunity for businesses leveraging Facebook Messenger marketing with chatbots.

And that’s what Isaac Rudansky breaks down for marketers of all levels in this chatbot marketing master class.


What’s Covered in the Chatbot Training?

Throughout this highly structured video course including 17 sections and over 90 videos, you’ll learn:

  • What a business can do with chatbots, use cases and examples.
  • How to help customers buy more from you using chatbots.
  • How to design a chatbot for many common use cases.
  • How to use MobileMonkey content widgets to add text, images, GIFs, buttons and other engaging chat elements.
  • When to use each content widget to aid your marketing goals.
  • How to design chatbot funnels that nurture and engage prospects.
  • How to connect with new prospects using Facebook Messenger ads.
  • How to get maximum engagement from your chat blast campaigns.
  • How to get more sign-ups for events, in-person and virtual using chatbot marketing.
  • Formulas to calculate incentive structures you can offer to drive more sales and referrals using chatbots.
  • The fastest path to increasing profits and revenue with chatbots for your type of business.

What’s Included with the Chatbot Training?

When you purchase the Chatbot Master Class from MobileMonkey you’ll get:

  • 12-hours of video information and training organized by topic and chapter.
  • Access to the MobileMonkey Island Facebook group where you can ask questions to Isaac, Larry and 15,000 motivated Facebook Messenger marketers.
  • Access to 14 ready-made chatbot templates that you can customize and modify based on your business.

And you also get our money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you your money back within 30 days of purchase.

This course is a guaranteed win for your professional skillset, marketing toolbox and your business.


FAQs about the Chatbot Training

Chatbot Master Class FAQ

The MobileMonkey Chatbot Master Class includes 12 hours videos of instructional chatbot building and Facebook Messenger marketing strategy. It also includes supplemental videos from the MobileMonkey team, including Larry Kim.
Isaac Rudansky is the founder and CEO of AdVenture Media, a New York-based digital advertising agency. AdVenture Media is a leader in PPC and chatbot marketing. Isaac is also a best-selling and top-rated instructor on Udemy where his courses on digital advertising and conversion optimization have been taken by 100,000 students!
The video course is designed to teach business owners and marketing professionals of all levels how to get more leads and increase sales through Facebook Messenger marketing.
If for any reason you are unhappy with the course, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Just email support@mobilemonkey.com.
The 12-hours of video information and instruction is made up of 17 sections. Each section has between 1 and 20 chapters. Each chapter is a video between 1 and 15 minutes long. You can watch the course in sequence or skip around to chapters to find something specific. You can stop and restart any time.
We invite you to join MobileMonkey Island! Our active Facebook group is made up of over 20,000 and counting Facebook Messenger marketers, asking and answering questions and sharing bot campaign inspiration! Join the group today at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MobileMonkey/.
MobileMonkey's free chatbot builder has all the basics a business needs to send automated marketing messages on the Facebook Messenger platform at scale. Using the free version you can program a bot to answer FAQs, act as a website chatbot, create and segment audiences, send mass messages (aka chat blasts) to contacts, and use a variety of list building tools. MobileMonkey Pro features advanced automation tools including scheduled chat blasts, chatbot drip campaign sequences, and exporting and integrating leads collected by your chatbot with your other business systems.