OmniChat Marketing Mobile App for Android & iOS

Stay in touch with customers anywhere they are chatting from — and anywhere you are — with a multi-channel chat inbox mobile app for iOS and Android.

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With MobileMonkey OmniChat™, customer communication is happening in real-time across multiple messaging apps.

Customers can message a business and opt-in to automated updates in Facebook Messenger, native website chat, and SMS.

And you and your team can stay in touch with customers anywhere they are chatting from — and anywhere you are — with a multi-channel chat inbox mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Read and respond to customers chatting with the business via Facebook, Web Chat & SMS.
  • Use advanced customer support features like alerts, live agent takeover, contact tagging and follow-up assignments.
  • Manage conversations from multiple Facebook pages or businesses in one app.

Stay in touch with customers with the most convenient multi-channel chat inbox and conversation management platform.

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Convenient Mobile App Unifies Customer Conversations Across Multiple Messaging Apps


MobileMonkey chat mobile app unifies convos happening with customers on Facebook Messenger, native website, and SMS.

While customers have the option to message a business in the chat app they prefer, you have the convenience of a mobile app to message them back manually.

See all the conversations happening with your business in a unified inbox. You can respond to any message in real-time, any time.

The mobile app unifies convos happening in SMS, native web chat, and Facebook Messenger — and makes quick responses to customers that need a live follow-up possible wherever you are.


Advanced Customer Care Features Include Alerts, Contact Tagging & Team Member Assignments

MobileMonkey chat mobile app includes advanced customer conversation management features for customer support, sales, marketing and teams:

  • Set up triggers in the chat conversation that send notifications to the mobile app when someone needs a live human to follow up.
  • Tag contacts to enter them into audiences for chat marketing automations like chat drip campaigns.
  • Assign customer conversations to members of your team, including customer support and sales 

Manage Conversations from Multiple Businesses in the Mobile App

The OmniChat Mobile App unifies conversations across multiple messaging apps AND multiple businesses that you are managing.

  • Toggle between the inboxes of multiple businesses and Facebook Pages, across OmniChat messaging apps.
  • MobileMonkey OmniChat™️ mobile app gives on-the-go convenience to agency marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • Conversations from Facebook Messenger, SMS and native web chat in a unified inbox.
  • Advanced features like automated notifications of convos that need follow up and assigning live agents.
  • Respond to conversations across businesses from one mobile app.

Connect with leads and customers anywhere they are AND you are. Get MobileMonkey OmniChat and mobile chat apps today.


Capture contacts from anonymous website visitors and add them to automated email outreach funnels to super charge sales. Request a call to see it in action! 

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