Meet the MobileMonkey Team

Larry Kim


Larry founded MobileMonkey in 2017 after seeing the need for a product that enables marketers to engage with customers via mobile messaging platforms. He assembled the founding team, raised a seed financing round and today focuses on product and marketing strategy.

Prior to MobileMonkey, Larry was the founder and CTO of WordStream, the world’s leading provider of PPC marketing software, employing hundreds of people and managing approximately a billion dollars for thousands of customers worldwide.

Larry was named “Marketer of the Year” by Search Engine Land, the US Search Awards, and PPC Hero.

He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada and has a 4-year-old and a newborn who keep him busy.

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Chief Operating Officer

Jason has spent his career in technology startups, building teams on both coasts. He is passionate about helping small businesses adopt new technologies that will help them succeed and compete. He joined MobileMonkey to help enable businesses to communicate and interact with customers on mobile chat – something 99% were unable to do until now.

Jason lives outside of Boston with his family and enjoys skiing, playing guitar, IPAs and Grateful Dead music.


Chief Technical Officer

CTO by day and code monkey by night, Michael is an experienced technology leader with several tech startups under his belt. He’s built and managed multiple world-class software teams and has turned many product ideas into reality. His past experience with in content delivery systems, ad tech, and social networking taught him to scale systems to millions of consumers. Michael joined the founding team at MobileMonkey for the opportunity to work with an awesome team!

Outside of work, Michael likes to travel and has visited more than 40 different countries. He holds a BSCS from Northeastern University and a Master’s degree from Tufts.


Director of Engineering

Ben has spent the last ten years assisting e-commerce, manufacturing, and digital healthcare start-ups mature through strong data discipline. He loves to be the voice and advocate of data in an engineering organization. Ben is excited to take on the technology challenges of MobileMonkey’s unique product.

Ben is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and when he’s not writing SQL queries you can find him playing online chess or his guitar.


Director of Content Marketing

Virginia has a decade of experience helping businesses use content to reach new customers, build a brand, and tell compelling stories online. She executes results-driven digital marketing strategies, and at MobileMonkey she helps businesses grow with chatbots.

Virginia’s degree from Syracuse University suggests she’s a journalism master. She lives in Ventura, CA, not far from where she grew up, with her family and leopard tortoise.


Sr Product Manager

Dan joined MobileMonkey as the company’s first Product Manager. Previously, he was a Product Manager at Pixability, a video ad tech company. He is excited to continue working with brands and agencies of all sizes on the fresh problems and exciting opportunities presented by mobile chat.

He studied Computer Science at Boston College, sings bass in the Metropolitan Chorale, and has two cats named Ilana and Abbi.


Software Engineer

Mohamed started his software engineering career as an intern at Ping4, Inc, then became a full-time employee. He joined MobileMonkey looking for an exciting opportunity that he can be passionate about. His ideal information system is a system that evolves the community and develops our thinking.

Mohamed studied Computer Information Systems at the University of New Hampshire and enjoys watching the Premier League soccer games on Saturday mornings.


Software Engineer

Vlad has vast experience making software/web ideas a reality, with his experience spanning roles of a software developer, a manager and a founder. Vlad brings full-stack development, DevOps and AI expertise to MobileMonkey, as well as 10+ years of managing teams of dozens developers.

Vlad has educations in Linguistics and Computer Science. As a hobby Vlad teaches Chinese martial arts.

MobileMonkey Advisors


Yair Goldfinger is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AppCard, a loyalty 3.0 platform.

Previously, he co-founded and was Chief Technology Officer of Dotomi, an on-line advertising company which focuses on creating personal, relevant and timely one-to-one messaging between marketers and their customers; Dotomi was acquired by ValueClick at 2011.

At 26, Goldfinger co-founded ICQ, the world’s first Internet-wide instant messaging service, which was acquired by AOL in 1998. He holds several patents in the area of instant messaging.

Goldfinger is an active investor in several Israeli start-up companies. He is also a co-founder and sits on the management committee of the Friends of Raveh Ravid Fund, dedicated to the creation and formation of a new generation of young educated leaders who will take a part in management and leadership roles.

Goldfinger holds a BA in Math and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University and was granted the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award in 2005.


Brian is the founder of the Backlinko blog and YouTube channel, offering search engine optimization training.

Success Magazine has referred to Brian as “the world’s foremost expert on search engine optimization” due to the influence of his blog, which reaches over 3 million people every year.


Co-founder of ThriveHive (acquired by Propel Marketing in 2016), a Techstars Boston startup that developed a SaaS Guided Marketing solution for small business owners.

Former small business owner, MIT Sloan graduate interested in technology, web, startups, entrepreneurship, mobile tech and marketing.


Co-founder of ThriveHive (acquired by Propel Marketing in 2016), a Techstars Boston startup that developed a SaaS Guided Marketing solution for small business owners. Currently SVP of Marketing, GM of SaaS.