Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbots Made Easy!

It’s easy to use MobileMonkey’s intuitive Facebook Messenger chatbot tools for high-ROI marketing.

Free Forever vs. Pro Plan: What You Get in MobileMonkey

Here’s what you get with MobileMonkey’s Free Forever and Pro plans!


An Introduction to Building Chatbots with Larry Kimย 

This Facebook Messenger Marketing tutorial with Larry Kim covers how to create powerful chatbot applications for Facebook Messenger using MobileMonkey, without writing any code!

Learn advanced Facebook Messenger marketing tactics and strategies including:

  • Unusual ways to build a HUGE contact list on Facebook Messenger
  • How to blast your Facebook Messenger contacts with MobileMonkey chat blasts
  • Using your Facebook Messenger chatbot to book appointments or promote content
  • Training your chatbot to answer common customer inquiries
  • Integrating your Facebook Messenger chatbot with Facebook “Send to Messenger” Ad campaigns

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