Engage and convert prospects across the messaging channels they use every day

FunnelPro is the OmniChat marketing platform for B2C marketers and advertisers

Generate leads 24/7 with chat automation for SMS, Instagram, webchat & Messenger

Launch paid and organic campaigns in the most active marketing lead generation and re-engagement channels today from a streamlined platform. Save yourself and your team time with an intuitive automation builder, integrations, and analytics to tie your efforts to ROI.

All-in-one chat
marketing hub

Manage all your brand's incoming and outgoing messages from a single inbox with custom alerts to ensure you never miss an important conversation.

quality leads

Boost lead generation with bot-o-magical lead capture, instant qualification, advanced notifications, drip campaigns and seamless integrations.

Elite marketing

Turn social media into a revenue-generator by adding instant replies and conversion funnels to Facebook, Instagram, and SMS.

See what FunnelPro customers are saying

Jesse Perreault

VP of Marketing, Car Loans Canada

The largest factor in our success was equipping our click-to-Messenger ads with MobileMonkey. We saw that there was no company in our space utilizing messaging automation. This strategy has truly allowed us to better understand our applicants and achieve our marketing goals faster.
Jay Rathell
Digital Marketer, Summit Academy

Agencio is unquestionably the chatbot software of choice for agencies to deliver results. It’s powerful and stable, yet simple and easy to use. We’ve used all the bot-building platforms and Agencio by MobileMonkey is unparalleled.

D.L. Dye
Principal Business Development at Renown Cargo Trailers
This is Fortune 500 software for less than $150 a month! We were up and running in 20 minutes, and instantly solved a problem where we were leaving 33% of our leads on the table.

Keep your sales pipeline full

The All-in-One Multi-channel Chat Platform for B2C Marketers

Instant Instagram Messaging (BETA)

Leverage newly available, 100%-Instagram-approved messaging tools to engage and drive traffic from Instagram.

Elite Facebook Engagement

Automatically reply to comments and messages and capture and qualify leads from Facebook.

Lead Gen Tools for Live Chat

Launch chat on your website that starts with a menu and simple automations that direct site visitors to answers and creates persistent contacts for lead nurture.

SMS Marketing Tools

Take advantage of the messaging channel that allows for on-demand outgoing messages and delivers 98% open rate! (Available in the U.S and Canada).

Facebook Ads Tools

Sell more and decrease cost per acquisition through Facebook ads connected to conversational post-click experiences.

Automatic Lead Qualification

Recreate your lead forms in chat with instant qualification capabilities and instant notifications to your team in practically any channel.

Flexible Integration

Connect your chat campaigns to the rest of your marketing tech stack including CRM, email and events, and build custom integrations with the MobileMonkey API.

Smart, Automated Follow-ups

Enable cross-channel opt-in, drip campaigns, conversation routing, automated surveys and more with advanced messaging tools.

Attribution & Analytics Tools

See dialogue and campaign performance analytics so you can build reports to attribute your efforts to ROI.

MobileMonkey Plans & Pricing for Marketers

We’ve developed flexible plans and pricing that empower your business

MobileMonkey Startup

  • A streamlined marketing platform for Instagram, SMS, web chat and Facebook Messenger
  • OmniChat inbox and chatbot builder
  • Integrations via Zapier
  • Advanced automated lead qualification, nurture and audience segmentation

MobileMonkey Growth

  • The multi-channel chat marketing solution for customer support and marketing teams plus the support to help you grow
  • Get a dedicated rep and direct support
  • Native integrations and custom integrations via the MobileMonkey API
  • Analytics & reporting

How OmniChatⓇ Multi-Channel Messaging Drives & Qualifies Leads

Step 1

Connect MobileMonkey to your website, Instagram, SMS, Messenger and Facebook Ads Manager

Step 2

Design conversion forms and funnels that qualify and engage prospects in any active chat channel

Step 3

Integrate MobileMonkey with your CRM, email, event and other marketing software to save you time

Step 4

Segment audiences using default and custom filters for reengagment campaigns and analysis

Chat marketing solutions designed for in-house marketers

Multi-channel marketing platform

Capture and convert prospects across the messaging channels they use everyday: Instagram, SMS, website chat and Facebook Messenger.

Automation-driven lead generation & nurture

Increase engagement, improve lead quality, reduce cost per lead with a flexible bot campaign builder that connects to your full marketing stack.

Instagram & Facebook ad integrations

Accelerate 24/7, targeted top-of-funnel lead generation with bots connected to Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns.

Dedicated representative with account optimization

Upgrade your account with a dedicated account rep and ensure your campaigns are optimized for your business goals.

Put FunnelPro to work for your business

Blog Posts for Digital Marketers

Chat Marketing FAQs for Digital Marketers

FunnelPro by MobileMonkey is a marketing platform that supports multiple messaging channels. This is MobileMonkey’s patented OmniChat® technology.

When you sign up for FunnelPro, you will be walked through the steps to connect your business’s Facebook and other channels. There are additional steps to take when inside FunnelPro to activate SMS and reserve a text marketing funnel, as well as install the live web chat widget to your website.

OmniChat technology in FunnelPro ensures that the marketing funnels you create for lead generation, sales hand-off, and nurture and re-engagement can be used in all the business messaging channels your company leverages. The conversation dialogues that you create for web chat can be used to automatically chat in Instagram DMs as well as Facebook Ads, among other messaging channels. The mass text message blasts or drip campaigns you send to SMS contacts can be sent to Messenger contacts as well. 

The seamless continuity of messaging conversations and funnels across messaging platforms is one of the benefits of leveraging FunnelPro by MobileMonkey for your chat marketing. 

Instagram has partnered with MobileMonkey to release the world’s first 100% Instagram-approved growth and automation tools for Instagram. While Instagram tools are in beta, FunnelPro customers can apply to get first-access to the automated DM tools. By connecting an Instagram business account to FunnelPro, you are applying for the Instagram tools beta.

The Instagram automation tools that are now in beta include Instagram comment auto-replies, DM answering service, and Story Mention autoreplies.

Sure we can! 

MobileMonkey is always here to be your partner in building your in-house marketing team’s expertise and success with chat marketing automation. With FunnelPro Enterprise Edition, you receive a dedicated chat marketing specialists who will provide account and campaign optimization on a monthly one-on-one call with you or our team.

MobileMonkey offers FunnelPro customers the option to add build-with-you campaign building services as part of our Premier Consulting. Schedule a call with our team to discuss what you need.

Rather than chat marketing templates by industry, FunnelPro has templates to accomplish your B2C marketing goals.

Quick-launch your chat marketing funnels for appointment bookings, email list building, SMS re-engagement, pre-sales support and more with templates in FunnelPro.


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