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MobileMonkey is a platform for the creation, management and integration of  Mobile Chatbots.

Build Bots

Build a Chatbot in minutes with no coding required.
MobileMonkey Bots learn quickly to answer any question about your business. Training your Monkey Bot is as simple as answering a few questions every couple of days.

Launch & Promote

Visitors can engage with your Monkey Bot through your Website, Facebook Page or a Paid Ad.

Your MobileMonkey bot will carry on 1 on 1 personalized conversations with visitors, call them by name and remember past conversations.


MobileMonkey Bots are trained to guide visitors towards a conversion goal. Monkey Bots can Collect lead data, send surveys or help shoppers at check out.

No more A/B testing, no more guessing, no more lost customer

About MobileMonkey Chatbots

What are Chatbots?

ChatBots are automated personalized assistants that answer questions in real time, guide users to the correct information and convert visitors into Leads and happy customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Train your Chatbot to take on the personality, character and style of your brand to provide your customers with a personalized brand experience.

Why Mobile Chat?

Mobile Chat is by far the most popular communication format on the planet.

Mobile first and Mobile 24/7 is the reality of digital marketing today. Convenience, speed and trust are the corner stones of a good customer interactions on Mobile. Chatbots are the perfect solution for brands to meet these customer expectations.

Who is this for?

MobileMonkey is for any Marketer who is tired of the status quo of low conversion rates and guessing what customers want, who's mission is connecting and engaging with new customers 24/7 and who's performance metrics are revenue and growth.​

MobileMonkey provides Agency's with a powerful platform for managing multi user Bots, improving revenue goals and expanding the Agency's service offerings.

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About the Founder

Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Founder and CEO

In 2007, Larry founded an innovative search marketing platform that enables even novice marketers to be successful at paid search. Today, WordStream is a multi-million-dollar company with thousands of customers worldwide and has earned industry accolades for both innovation and growth.

Larry founded MobileMonkey in June 2017 along with a Team of former WordStream Executives and still serves on WordStream's board of directors.

He is widely considered one of the most influential experts and thought leaders in Digital Marketing today and was voted the most influential PPC expert in 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 according to the PPC Hero Blog. He has earned multiple industry awards and is frequently a featured speaker at industry events. He is a active on social media, a popular blogger, and speaker.


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