How Do I Add a User?

Adding a User

There are three different types of users you can add:

  • Company admins have access to everything in your dashboard. They can create bots, connect Facebook pages, and do everything the owner can do, except for access billing.
  • Company collaborators can create and edit bots, but they cannot add any Facebook pages to the dashboard.
  • Facebook page collaborators can only view the pages they are granted access to in the dashboard. They cannot connect or view any other pages. This is the most restrictive role.

To add a user:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the bottom left-hand corner, and click Settings.

  1. Click into the Users tab.
  2. Click the "Invite a User" button.
  3. Select the role and send the user the generated link.

  1. Once the user clicks the link and follows the instructions they can see the page
  2. If you would like to update the user role or delete user, use actions Edit and Delete

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