How Do I Add a User?

Adding a User

There are three different types of users you can add:

  • Live Chat Agents may only access the MobileMonkey OmniChat Inbox for specified pages, and are unable to edit content or launch campaigns.
  • Editors can access everything for specified pages within your company. They may edit content and launch campaigns.
  • Company admins may access everything for all pages in your company. They may access billing and invite new users as well.
  • Company editors can edit content and launch campaigns for all pages in your company, but may not invite new users or access billing

To add a user:

  1. Click on Settings. Under Users, hit the Go to Account Settings
  1. On the Users tab, you will have the option to invite another user
  2. Click the "Invite a User" button.
  3. Select the role and enter the user's email.

  1. If you would like to update the user role or delete user, use actions Edit and Delete

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